A Message Of Hope And Responsibility for All Students Worldwide

Good Evening from Huntington Beach, California everyone.  I’ve just finished watching the speech that President Obama made and if you’re not sitting down, I suggest you do so at this time.  Are you sitting down?  How about now?  Ok, I’m sure you’re sitting down by now, so I’ll go ahead and say this.  I am honestly impressed with President Obama’s speech that he made today at Wakefield High School.

As a small business owner running a little photography company specializing in wedding photography in Orange County, California – I’m really inspired that our current president is taking the reigns to the best of his abilities (from what we’re allowed to see and hear) and doing his best to inspire not just a country but a global youth to get it’s act together.

If you don’t think that is powerful – know that the United States is now officially in the shadow of Switzerland having lost it’s financial superpower that was made official today.  Yes, you read that right – the United States of America is now second fiddle to Switzerland as a financial superpower.  I find that ironic as that came to light today prior to President Obama’s speech today admonishing today’s youth to quit making excuses.

Tonight I would like to go out on a limb and I admonish you to watch the following video of President Obama’s speech.  I typically don’t like to chat about politics and religion often and especially publicly, but this speech has so much to admonishment and inspiration pouring out of it.

I would like to also point out to the haters & nay-sayers that President Obama’s speech contained absolutely NOTHING about politics, brainwashing, and all the blah blah blah that the haters & nay-sayers were whining about.  This is a speech that could have been done by the homeless man down the street.  This is a speech that needed to be said – no matter how painful it is – whether you’re a democrat or a republican.

Just take note that if you aren’t going after your dreams and all the while finger pointing at why you didn’t get yours – know that the world doesn’t owe you and nobody will help you achieve your dreams.  Dream big, because if you don’t, no-one else will for you.  I know this because I had to and have to continue to chase after my dreams.  Sometimes it feels like I’m tilting against windmills, but I know that my dreams worth it.

So with all that said…  If you’re in Orange County looking for a wedding photographer that will to go the “n’th degree” to work towards your satisfaction for your wedding photography experience and also knows how to dream big, Contact Me anytime or email me direct at david@esquirephotography.com.  I’d love to hear what you would like to do for your wedding or day.

Also, if you missed the video earlier today, I’ve embedded it and a couple of other inspirational videos into this blog posting and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section too.

“The people that are crazy enough to change the world, are the ones that do.”

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