Photography has been a family endeavour for the past 2 generations. We believe our success has been due to the commitment to excellence and the superiour products and services that we provide our clients. Since we regard photography as a sacred craft, we utilize only the best equipment, the best software and the best business practices.

We understand that your event is important to you and we strive to make it the very best experience possible. We prefer to meet with you prior to your event and chat with you from time-to-time as well to get a feel for your personality, your ideas and your style to ensure that we’re able to photograph your family, your wedding and your event more through your eyes than ours. And, with nearly 2 1/2 decades of experience in the photography business we help ensure that everything runs smoothly and that there are no unpleasant surprises.

For your wedding, we approach them the same way that we would like to have ours photographed. We know that it is one of the most precious days in your lives and should be treated as such. We are not pushy or demanding, but lovingly and effectively capture the moments of the day while allowing you to enjoy every minute of it.

We understand that your wedding day is exactly that….your day. And, we strive to help make it as memorable and special as possible. From your event day to our state-of-the-art multi-level post-production process, every level of care is taken to ensure that you receive the best photographs.

We find delight in being able to give you a finished product that will allow you to look back on your day with feelings of utter bliss and enjoyment as you relive those moments again and again.

And most importantly, we will have captured the emotion, the mood, the feel, the details – the style of your customized images with such an acute detail that our standards meet the demands of even the most discriminating client.

The Varsity Team

David Esquire
After relocating to Hollywood from Chicago in September ’93 and surviving the Northridge earthquake in the spring of ’94 and losing our entire studio, we stuck it out to continue our work in music, fashion, glamour and weddings. In 1996, David Esquire received sponsorship from Minolta and that same year went on tour with the National Inline Skate Series (NISS) as the Official Tour Photographer.

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Kerry Garrison
Kerry has been doing product photography for about 10 years for different publications such as WildHobbies, R/C Driver, VoIPSpeak, and Camera Dojo. Kerry started out as an Assistant Photographer with Esquire Photography in 2005 and is now an Associate Photographer doing weddings, engagement shoots, and other photo sessions for Esquire Photography clients.

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MichelleProfileMichelle Zuniga
Michelle Zuniga discovered her love for photography at a very young age, constantly capturing memories from her life experiences by always having a camera in hand. Ever since she can remember, photography has been a magical experience. In her heart Michelle knew the ability to capture life’s moments as a form of art was a true gift and continued to strive for growth in photography throughout her life.

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Tracey Hanson
Tracey’s passion is Photography. Her artistic talent is best demonstrated in image & album form. Tracey’s photographic style is often described as elegant and timeless (with lots of WOW). Her personal goal is to make wedding memories, artistic masterpieces! Tracey studied (35mm film) Photography in high school & college. Always trying to capture the essence of life’s moments in some spectacular, new way.

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