Michelle Zuniga

MichelleZWebMichelle Zuniga discovered her love for photography at a very young age, constantly capturing memories from her life experiences by always having a camera in hand. Ever since she can remember, photography has been a magical experience. In her heart Michelle knew the ability to capture life’s moments as a form of art was a true gift and continued to strive for growth in photography throughout her life.

Michelle uses an artistic, photojournalistic approach when she is capturing the passion on your special day. Michelle is constantly driven to be up to date on the latest styles of photography. She has a unique and gifted talent to be the storyteller of your big day from capturing the fathers’ expression when seeing his daughter for the first time to capturing the love shared between the bride and groom.

Michelle has a tremendous ability to be able to seize the emotion and beauty that radiates from each person and she is so captivated by the beautiful energy that is found in these significant turning points in our lives that each image truly speaks to the heart and is filled with emotion, intimacy and happiness.

The constant challenges she faces with each individuals special day, the adrenaline rush she receives from capturing the extraordinary moments between two people, are all personal rewards that Michelle receives with pleasure. Michelle recognizes that a wedding only lasts for a day, yet a photograph lasts a lifetime.

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