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dojopodcast-61x140Good Evening Everyone!  Tonight’s post is coming to you live straight out of one of the surfing capitals in the world – Huntington Beach.  Yeah!

In this week’s podcast, we’re taking some fantastic time out to answer letters from listeners on our podcast on iTunes.  We attempted to answer a question about the insane amount of gear that we take to weddings, but after almost 35 minutes of the two of us going on & on & on & on about it, we pretty much realized that we needed to do a post about that, it is just way too long to talk about on the show.

After we realized more than 1/2 of the podcast would be about us gabbing about our gear, we chatted about how we organize files in Lightroom, discussing our different methods of what works for us individually.  Then we reviewed how we pose people, especially in larger groups which is very common in our “biz” – not to mention how to overcome the folks that tend to blink in photos.

Then we chatted about dealing with clients and whether or not you should accept every opportunity that comes our way or if you should ever turn down work or even the more drastic – “fire” a client. Yes, you read it right – “fire” a client.  It’s very rare, but it does happen.

Click the button below to listen to or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.  We’ve done nearly a year’s worth of podcasts – so there is pleanty of content, laughs and good times to enjoy.

Have a super week – cheers!

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