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gavin-seim-square-dance-callerGood morning from an “I ate too much last night at dinner” Huntington Beach, California. After a crazy day yesterday, last night Katherine & I celebrated her dad’s BDay at the Orange County Mining Company and let’s just say – whoa, they have a LOT of really good food there.

So fast forward to today & I got a note from Kerry that the podcast we did with Gavin Seim went live last night on Camera Dojo when I was at dinner. In this conversation, we chatted about various sales techniques that he learned about at the Wall Portrait Conference he recently attended. He totally shared some fantastic ideas with us about how to approach educating our clients with large prints and canvas wraps.

He shared his thoughts on thinking of photography more as art and like a piece of furniture that will compliment their homes, instead of just some snap shots that you stick into a cheap plastic frame. And, not only that, but how he uses a projector to show his clients how their portraits will look on their walls. Cool!

You can stream the podcast on Camera Dojo or if you would like, you can subscribe to it and all the others that we have done on iTunes as well by clicking the button below.

There was also a big announcement in the podcast too. I’ll be taking a step back from the podcast and allowing for more guest “co-hosts” to come on & share their perspectives too.

I hope everyone had a great West Coast Wednesday yesterday & here’s to a great Baby Friday today – cheers!

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