Dean Anthony Long Beach Has Partnered With Esquire Photography

0009Good evening everyone in Huntington Beach, Long Beach and the rest of Southern California!  I have some really awesome news to share with you, but more specifically – this bit’s geared more towards your other half that from time-to-time may need what I like to refer to as “Manscaping.”

That’s right, you read it correctly — “Manscaping.”  Something that all men should really consider getting done if not only for the Big Day, but the Engagement Shoot & perhaps even making it a regular part of your appearance.  Now don’t start thinking you should go off the deep end & get all “Metro” – but having a neat appearance for your portraits is key.  Plus!  Your partner will be happy you did as well.

So as I was paying my “Manscaping” artist; Jenny a visit at Dean Anthony a “Men Only” Salon on 2nd Street in Belmont Shore, Long Beach getting my dome looking sharp (And some “Manscaping”), I thought that all guys should be afforded the opportunity to get “Manscaped” for their portraits, wedding or even just because they wanted (or perhaps, needed) to.  I presented the idea of Esquire Photography Partnering with Dean Anthony in Long Beach and guess what – I received an awesome email that will give guys the opportunity to save a couple of bucks getting “Manscaped.”

0054You’re probably asking yourself; “Who is Dean Anthony” and “Why only a “Men Only” salon?”  The answer is an easy one.

The salon name; Dean Anthony comes from the owner’s son, Dean and his great grandfather’s name is Anthony. It represents a ritual handed down through generations. The owner liked the idea of opening a shop that is based on the idea of heritage and tradition. You can bring your son here for a cut while you get a shave. Like their slogan says, it’s where boys become men and men remember when they were boys.

Their sister salon (Bella Salon of Naples) has primarily female clientele. Eventually it was recognized there were men going in that couldn’t be completely comfortable or relax in that setting. Who wants to get a haircut while smelling perm chemicals or not be able to vent to the barber without worrying about offending the woman next to you? I’m not saying guys are crass, but let’s face it – sometimes guys just need to be guys.

So the folks at Dean Anthony in Long Beach and I have a totally awesome exclusive discount for grooms that go in & give them the following code: ESQFOTO. Mention that you are a client of Esquire Photography and you’ll get a 20% discount on Mens Classic Cuts and Modern Man Shaves.  They told me that shaves with David at Dean Anthony book up really quick so you’ll want to call well in advance for your wedding date.

0051Dean Anthony isn’t your typical barber shop or salon. Barber shops have been a place for men to get a quick shave and a haircut.  At Dean Anthony, you still experience the brotherhood of the barbers, yet you can stay and hang out.  It’s set up so you can stay for the day and get a massage, facial, pedicure – either by your self or with a group of friends.

Several of my grooms have gone in & I’ve been seeing Jenny for nearly a year 1/2 now and it’s awesome.  The killer customer service, complimentary beverages and snacks along with video games and TVs at every station make for a totally great break in the day.

They also have a KILLER video commercial too.  Check it out below and you’re thinking… Hey – I’d really like to get to know this Orange County Wedding Photographer in Huntington Beach, California, feel free to Contact Me on the Website or send me an email direct at  You can also stay in touch with me in “real time” on Twitter, Facebook and my Facebook Fan Page too.

Have a super rest of your week & stay tuned as I’ll be heading up to the Firestone Vineyard in Los Olivos for Anna Marie & Lee’s wedding this weekend.  You may remember them from their Engagement Shoot I recently did at the Huntington Gardens and in downtown Pasadena.  Cheers!

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