Good Afternoon Everyone!  To quote the words of Will Smith… “Boom!  Shake Shake The Room!”  That was pretty much what happened just a while ago when we had ourselves what was originally stated as a 5.8 earthquake & then the USGS confirmed it to be a 5.4 earthquake.  Here’s a Google MAP of how close it was to us in Huntington Beach & you can click on the picture to the right too.

I was on two calls at the time when it struck.  One on my iPhone with my brother; Tony at CDW in Chicago (Call him for anything CDW has in stock; 847.371.7132) about an order that we placed for our new Drobo and another call on our VOIP line with Pictage about our new gorgeous Modern Album coming in.  Which BTW we’re totally hoping will arrive prior to the Gay Bridal Expo we’re attending in Long Beach on Sunday, Aug. 24th.

Today wasn’t the “Big One” and praise God that it didn’t do to us what happened back in ’94 when the Northridge quake destroyed our place in Hollywood.  We were blessed with only minimal damage here at EPHQ, with several swords and shields being knocked down, a couple of pictures fell and a wonderful celtic cross that we had on top of one of the bookshelves too.  Fortunately nothing was seriously damaged, and other than Nilla and I having our nerves rattled a bit – we’re ok.

Today was a reminder to me and anyone here in Southern California that we should enjoy life as much as we can & be thankful to the Big Guy upstairs for the things we have been blessed with.

I hope your day wasn’t as gnarly as ours was & we’ll chat with you soon – cheers!

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