Facebook Testimonial About David Esquire From “Kill Bill” At Studio Z In San Diego

Good Morning Everyone!  I’ve been meaning to share a couple of notes that Bill from Studio Z shared with me on Facebook about a really hot portrait session that I did for them recently.  I don’t have the online images ready for you just yet, but I did edit one (above) on my iPad over dinner that night after the shoot.  Here’s what “Kill Bill” had to say – check this out!

Also, Michelle & Bill used that photo for their business cards as well.  Check this photo out that Michelle sent me from her iPhone just before she left for Magic in Las Vegas this week.


I was so flattered & honoured that Michelle & Bill asked me to be their photographer to create the new faces of Studio Z in San Diego.  Even as I’m typing this to you, I’m quite beside myself that I was chosen.  But so totally happy that they did!

So if you’re wanting totally intense portraits like I did with Michelle & Bill down in Laguna Beach and you’re thinking to yourself…  Hey – I’d really like to contact this Orange County Wedding Photographer in Huntington Beach, California that shoots commercial-inspired Wedding Photography all over from OC to LA to Ventura and to San Diego.  Feel free to get in touch with me anytime.

I’m available just about 24/7 via Twitter, Facebook, the form on my contact page, or the old fashioned phone as well at 888.ESQ.PHTO (888.377.7486) or 562.225.5915.

I hope you’re having a super start to your Baby Friday and stay tuned as I’ll be a blogging machine over the next few weeks with so many events to share with you – cheers!

PS, I’ll be off the grid for a pinch until next week as it’s Katherine & I’s 5 year wedding anniversary tomorrow.  I’m taking her on a mini-break this weekend & then returning on Sunday for Carina & Tim’s Wedding down at the UCI University Club.  But I’ll be checking my iPhone from time-to-time/here & there when Katherine gives me the nod so I don’t wind up in a corner twitching from social media disconnect.  LOL!

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