FedEx’s Excellent Customer Service!

Good Afternoon!  I would like to take a moment to commend FedEx‘s employees at the Placentia Delivery Station for their outstanding customer service.

While I was out yesterday, I received a note from FedEx letting me know about an attempted package delivery that contained my new Go|Bee bag that Sara France & Lauren Hillary designed (which BTW TOTALLY ROCKS!  It is totally a perfect blend of style, function and fashion! Perfect for today’s Metrosexual photographer).

Ok, back to the FedEx bit…  On the note, it stated that I needed to be present to sign for it, but my calendar this week has been crazy as I’m recovering from a bit of a back injury (note to self, don’t be too over-zealous weight lifting!) and preparing for 3 weddings this weekend.  So I thought I would pop up to the FedEx station & get it on the Ducati.

I called FedEx yesterday evening to let them know that I wanted to go to the station to pick up my package.  The representative was very courteous and helpful to ensure that my new Go|Bee bag would be there.  She also suggested that I call before going out when they opened at 8:00 a.m. to ensure that it’s ready for me.

This morning, I got up to head out before the day took off & called FedEx.  Again, I was helped by a very friendly representative and reminded me that they’ll have my package ready when they open at 8:00 a.m.  So I head out to Placentia (about a 30-45 minute ride from Huntington Beach on the Ducati during morning rush hour) and get there about 20 minutes after 8:00 a.m. (which was the time I was told their counter opened).

I go up to the door & it’s locked.  I’m thinking, ok its early, I’m not caffeinated yet as I haven’t had Starbucks and I must have gone to the wrong door.  I look up & around & realize that this is the correct door and there’s a sign on the door stating that they open at “9:00 a.m.” – not 8:00 a.m. like I was told by two FedEx reps on the phone last night & this morning.

I turn around & happen to see a FedEx driver going through his clipboard in his truck.  I tell him my dilemma and he suggests that I go to the loading dock & see if there is someone that can help me.  So I do that & I am greeted by a very friendly couple of people loading a truck that said it shouldn’t be a problem and to follow one of them to the stock area as he remembered my name when I called this morning before riding out.

Not even 5 minutes passes and I’m out the door with my Go|Bee box in hand ready to head back!  NOW THAT IS CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!  They could have been all crusty and said that I had to wait out front along with giving me a hard time about being at the loading dock, but they took the initiative to help me out since 2 of their employees at their toll-free number made the same mistake giving me the wrong time.

In today’s day & age customer service is at (IMHO) an ALL TIME LOW and businesses all around the world (especially here in Southern California) are pretty much taking the stance that if you don’t like it – go somewhere else.  And, in the same breath complaining why their business is failing.  I do believe that this also the reason why there is so much churn and why so many businesses are shutting their doors.  But that’s just my opinion.

Granted we all have our days & “life” happens while you’re busy making other plans, but it’s this simple act of taking care of 2 employee’s goof (regardless of why or how it happened) that makes me sit down & not only share this with you, post it on Twitter this morning shortly after it happened – but continue to be a devoted customer of FedEx since the 90’s.

We should all take a few moments to reflect and think about how we treat our clients, our friends & our family – whether we’re having a great day or a bad one.  If we all did this at least once a year, a month or a week – I’m sure that we’ll all have a lot more smiles & good stories to share as this pays it forward all the way around full circle.

If you have a moment, let us know what your thoughts are & if you have had any similar experiences.

Have a super week – cheers!

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