How to Become a Celebrity Photographer From Attending Bingo Events to Social Networking

Ali-The-Bachelorette-Belle-Aire-Jennifer-Love-Hewitt-e1341292361429How to Become a Celebrity Photographer From Attending Bingo Events to Social Networking

Bingo charity events are the perfect venue to start your stint as a celebrity photographer.  With all the famous personalities surrounding you, taking snapshots will be easy.  Aside from adding those pictures to your portfolio, you can also sell those pictures and earn big bucks.  Do you know that the wedding pictures of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher were sold to OK! Magazine for $3 million?  I’m sure seeing those figures will entice you to become a celebrity photographer.  If you are new to this field, then here are some tips on how you can become a good celebrity photographer:

Attend Various Events
Make sure that you are updated on the latest celebrity happenings like the events of Legendary Bingo so you can purchase a ticket in advance.  Famous personalities such as Jennifer Love Hewitt, Tia Carrere, and Lance Bass were some of the celebrity callers in Legendary Bingo’s events.  You can also find the latest bingo happenings at FoxyBingo’s Twitter page including the recent National Reality TV Awards, which was attended by today’s hottest celebrities.  Why not get some tips from Foxy who took some awesome shots of the British boy band Five and the lovely girls of Bewitched?

Social Networking
You need to have a good network so you can land a photography stint in private celebrity gatherings.  Be friends with the manager of popular clubs like The Darby so you will know when famous personalities will go there.  Kanye West and Beyonce were spotted dining at the restaurant of this club as well as P. Diddy partying downstairs.  You can also work part-time for well-known celebrity magazines such as US Weekly or People so you can get assigned to various events and get the latest buzz on celebrities like Liam Hemsworth’s new love interest and Lindsay Lohan’s mischiefs.

By following these tips, coupled with skills and experience in photography, then you are on your way to a winning career.

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