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Good Morning Everyone! I’m currently doing the Happy Huntington Beach Wedding Photographer dance right now!

You may have seen on my Twitter update or Facebook update yesterday that I was asked to be video taped on Photo Night Live in the United Kingdom.  If you’re not too familiar with Photo Night Live in the UK, check this out – it’s a new program taking the industry by storm and considering the host of guests that are on the program lik Emma Case from Birmingham, UK, my friend; Dane Sanders, and Steve Gerrard (who has photographed U2, Jay-Z, Sir Elton John & More) – it’s quite the honour to be on it.

“Catch ‘Photo Night Live’ every Friday from 7pm (GMT) where I will be inviting one top pro photographer and one emerging photographer (who you may not currently be aware of) and together we will discuss a chosen topic for 30 mins. It’s that simple!”

What’s going to be totally awesome about the episode that I’m going to be on is that I’m joined with Richard P. Walton from Photo Graffiti in Newport, South Wales and the host Mr. Ross Dean in Suffolk, UK to chat about a topic that is very important to me.  I think the title of the program says it all… “How not be be like everybody else and success as YOU!

Before you check out more information about the program and you’re thinking… Hey – I’d really like to get to know this Huntington Beach Wedding Photographer that absolutely loves basically all things beautiful, musical, fashionable, photographable and in one word; art, feel free to contact me anytime.

I’m available just about 24/7 via TwitterFacebook, the form on my contact page, or the old fashioned phone as well at 888.ESQ.PHTO (888.377.7486) or 562.225.5915.

Have a great weekend & check back soon for some totally delicious photography that I’ll be sharing from Bernadette & Vlad’s wedding.  Gonna be awesome!!

PS, If you haven’t seen the Oscars event with Kate Mesta at Paramount Studios yet, totally check it out – it’s ahmayyyyzeeng!

PSS, As if this isn’t awesome enough!  My cool friend & uber awesome photographer; John Remus III has invited me to be included in a Portrait Series that he is doing and will be shown in an art gallery in Los Angeles.  He’s going to be taking me on location tomorrow after I record my video with Photo Night Live.  YEAH!!

PPSS, Something else for you!!  I’m going to be photographing the OC Rollergirls Roller Derby in Huntington Beach after both the Photo Night Live program and the shoot with John Remus.

PPSSS, Two more things!  Check back soon as I’ll be photographing Selah’s wedding Sunday up in Ventura & then Nellie’s wedding on Monday down in San Diego.  Lot’s of delicious wedding photography to share with you!

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  • Richard P Walton - Was a pleasure meeting you on Skype David. A breath of fresh air. I think the industry could really benefit from more people like yourself. Keep up the good work, will keep in touch and also put a good word in for you with the SWPP. Would be great if you could speak at the convention in January.

    Thanks David, have a nice day. Love you website too


  • Richard P Walton - Hi David was a pleasure meeting you on Skype tonight. A real breath of fresh air. I’ll spread the word at the SWPP as I think it would be great to have you speak over at the convention in London next January :-)

    Keep up the good work, thanks for some fresh inspiration David


    Oh love the website too

  • David Esquire - Hey Richard,

    I totally enjoyed meeting you online & loving what you’re doing for the industry!!! It’s really refreshing to meetin other pros in the biz that are doing their best to be themselves, stand out in the industry & do what they need to do to make a positive change.

    Do keep in touch and if you’re ever in the states or vice versa, let’s GTG for some pints and street shooting!



  • Shelly Waldman - I thought I was busy. Whew!
    Taping shows, being photographed for a gallery show (oh so cool… so wish I could be in LA to see you larger than life on the wall) and snapping images of the roller girls — I want to photograph the BAD Girls (SF’s Derby). Can’t wait to check out the show.
    Much love,

  • David Esquire - Hey Shelly,

    Thank you so much for the comment! I don’t know what you’re talkin’ about. You’re the master at being busy! Every time I turn around, you’ve got something going on too. Maybe we’re both of the same casting?!? :-)

    If you’re down here in LA on April 7th, I would be honoured if you could join me at the gallery showing. John told me that it’s actually going to be more of a party and not just a showing. Sounds cool!

    You should totally photograph the Derby. You would absolutely love it!

    Hit me up when you’re down here next time & let’s GTG!

    MISS YOU!!!!!!


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