Karissa & Jon, November 15, 2008, Malibu, CA

Good Evening Everyone! I just got in from an absolutely incredible day in Malibu sharing it with Karissa, Jon and all their close friends and family. And! Their day was blessed with the big man upstairs redirecting the smoke & ash away from their wedding so it would be perfect for everything; the ceremony, portraits and our signature artistic and romantic portraits down by the beach.

Their wedding was held at the Malibu Nature Preserve – which is completely breathtaking. The ceremony was up the trail at a very secluded spot and the rooftop terrace overlooking the Pacific Ocean lent itself to a picture-perfect view for the reception.

I met up with Karissa and her ladies and promptly the laughs started as I told my world famous joke about some chickens and cows (you would have to have been there!). It was that early defining moment that we all knew the day was going to be filled with many many great memories.

Karissa’s dress was beautiful, the rings were stunning and the we all enjoyed some Madagascar tunes that we could all sing to! And, I had the honour of working with James Hickey – a fantastic commercial, portrait and wedding photographer. He and I click seamlessly and I love it. We were constantly “chimping” sharing each other’s vision of how we saw there day. Totally fun!

Once everyone was ready, I headed up the trail to the wedding site and prepared for a veritable cornucopia of colours and the sun backlighting the ceremony as the trees lent their branches for sparkling solar flairs.

Mr. Roger Frick – the Seniour Pastor at their Church performed the honourable duty of being their officiant keeping everyone’s attention and smiles throughout the ceremony all the way up to a passionate kiss from Karissa & Jon.

Afterwards, Jon’s Best Man; Paul handled the shot list – which was perfectly executed from start to finish and then it was off to the beach with Karissa & Jon. We captured the beautiful portraits while the sky was a watercolour of reds, oranges, blues and yellows. The best shot was when we were heading back up the hill & we employed someone’s car’s headlights to help illuminate the shot for the ultimate in an oceanside portrait.

Mick from Better Music Services kept the night going as he spun a well-rounded flavour of tunes that everyone was able to enjoy – while I shot side-by-side with Robert & Veronica from Godina Video for their video.

Towards the end of the reception, Karissa, Jon & I headed out for one of my Night Romantic shoots and one of their guests shared a powerful comment saying that a portrait that we showed her looked like a “Harlequin Romance Novel Cover.” WOW! That’s a compliment if I ever heard one.

Here is a small sample of what is to come from their day and as I close this recap of their day, I have only 4 words for you to think of for your weekend: “Brown Chicken Brown Cow!”

Have a fantastic time in New Zealand Karissa & Jon & I’ll see you when you get back so we can plan your Trash The Dress shoot – cheers!

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