Katherine Update!

anne-frank-house-amsterdam-holland.jpgHello Everyone! I received an update from Katherine this morning & she asked me to share some things with you. Here’s the latest news from Europe:

How is everything going? We just got in from our first day. Breakfast at 7:45 and then off to the pool. Today the athletes got coached at a clinic from the Dutch coaches. Very interesting – learned some new techniques and then had lunch at the pool area. The pool area is amazing! It’s huge and there are actually 5 pools; 1 main swim one that is 50 yds., 1 cool down pool, 1 diving pool, 1 pool that has water slides in it and 1 pool outdoors. When you leave the pool area there is a beautiful picturesque pond behind it, but closed for now due to health reasons…

Our tour guide is named FRANS, like from wedding something or other. He is lots of fun (mostly fun to listen to) and one of the swim coaches name was HELGA (there really are people with those names!).

Later today we went to go play korfball; a traditional dutch game that has been played for hundreds of years. Kind of like basketball and ultimate Frisbee but played with a soccer-ball. Very interesting.

We actually got back to the hotel early tonight. This trips is much different than my recent D.C. trip; they don’t run us until midnight – i guess something to do with them being athletes and stuff and needing rest.

Food is ok but this might be a weight loss time for me – not too yummy.

Tomorrow we are going to the Van Gogh museum in the morning and possibly some wind mill stuff, then after that – swim practice from 3-6 and then dinner.

Wednesday, I have my free night! Hoping the others that are off with me & want to go out and have some fun.

And, Wednesday or Tuesday, I think we go to Anne Franks house.

I don’t have a Sim card yet for a phone that I’m borrowing – I’m hoping to get one soon though.

My room mate is from Fresno and young and fun and so far things are going well.

Havin fun! Tired but not too bad.

Miss everyone tons!


If you have anything that you would like me to pass on or ask her for, please drop me a note at: david@esquirephotography.com and I’ll be sure to get it to her.

No pictures yet, but hopefully she’ll get some to me soon – cheers!

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