Katie & Dan, October 14, 2007

katiedan1000.jpgThere are perfect storms, perfect droughts, perfect moments & then perfect days. Today was a PERFECT DAY with Katie & Dan. We started our journey together last winter and since then they have become more like close friends that I have known for a long time – instead of just a “wedding client.” And, I LOVE THAT ABOUT MY JOB!

When we did their Engagement Shoot earlier this year at one of my secret spots in Laguna Beach – it was only the beginning of what was to unfold for how we would all work together in front of the camera & behind for the big day.

Today all started with having our World Famous Southern California weather. Can we say PERFECT! Their wedding was held at The Muckenthaler Mansion in Fullerton with a crystal-clear blue sky that we haven’t seen for some time with our fall season upon us.

If you haven’t heard of the Muckenthaler, here is a quick fact list: The Muckenthaler Mansion was commissioned at an original cost of $35,000 (Can we say OMG to that!). It was built by Walter and Adella Muckenthaler in 1924 on eight acres located atop a hill in Fullerton. It’s Italian Renaissance-style structure is reminiscent of buildings constructed for San Diego’s 1915 Exposition in Balboa Park. And, let’s just say that I was so enthralled by it, that I got married there back in ’05 & love doing weddings there.

And their wedding was catered by Colette’s Catering in Fullerton. This is top-box exquisite dining and I mean exquisite! If you haven’t had a 5 course meal served to you at a wedding from Colette’s you are soooo missing out. Colette’s staff prepared a dish that as I am typing this is making my mouth salivate for more. Their chicken can be cut with a spoon, a salad dressing that you only need to drizzle a smidge on because anymore than that would be too much of a good thing. And then there’s the staff! Headed by Duane – Colette’s right hand to the business. He will attend to & exceed every need that you have for your wedding day (I know from personal experience too).

Katie looked breathtaking in her gown as if she stepped out of a page of a fairytale album. And, I swear Dan & his men must have read every GQ, Luomo Vogue & Esquire Magazine (no relation, but I wish!) on the shelf before today because they were hitting every pose imaginable for their portraits before the ceremony. What made the PERFECT TIME before the ceremony was Katie’s brother playing a variety of melodies on the grand piano in the art gallery. Everything from the Mission Impossible theme song, to classical, to some Christmas music to help us keep cool.

After the ceremony we decided to do the portraits on the front lawn of the property with the Mansion filling in the background. So much more opulent than just shooting in front of a gazebo or archway! Combining beautiful people with a beautiful location – made for PERFECT PORTRAITS.

The DJ kept everything moving through the night, and someone mentioned to me that a certain photographer requested The Humpty Dance by Digital Underground. Hmm… wonder who it could have been?!?

As I was saying, today was a PERFECT DAY and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Thank You for bringing me into your lives & sharing such an important day with me.

Oh, by the way… here is a small sample of the nearly 4,000 photos that I thought you would enjoy. Check out the bobble head cake topper you had, I love it! Cheers!

katiedan2000.jpg katiedan2002.jpg katiedan2001.jpg katiedan2003.jpg

katiedan2006.jpg katiedan2007.jpg katiedan2004.jpg katiedan2005.jpg

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  • ktmurphy - Words can not describe how wonderful you made our special day, with your beautiful pictures and your wonderful personality, your were more than our photographer, you were our guest. I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures…..

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