Katie’s Scary Halloween Party!

halloween072000.jpgBoo! Scared Ya! This year was Katie’s annual Halloween Party and it was bigger & better than ever. It all started with some creepy overcast skies and a slight breeze that would raise the hairs on the back of your neck. But, there were roumours spreading around that it wasn’t a breeze, but the ghosts of the witches of Lakewood coming around to scare all the moms & dads that brought their little ghouls to the party.

There was a cauldron of candy for the creatures that roamed the backyard, Satan’s lair if you dared to go in & if you lost a game… well, the guy outside hanging from the tree will tell you what happened.

Here are a few of my favourite ghouls and creatures that were roaming around. I have to go because it looks like Katie is about to perform a spell on me! I think I hear the words; Winguardian Leviosa being recited! Cheers!

halloween071003.jpg halloween071002.jpg

halloween071001.jpg halloween071000.jpg halloween071004.jpg

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