Kim’s Testimonial About Her Portrait Shoot

0011Happy Friday Everyone! I hope you’re having as great of day in your home town as I am having behind the Orange Curtain in Huntington Beach, California.

I recently did a very special and intimate Portrait Photo Shoot for a very incredible client of mine; Kim (who over all the time that we’ve known each other has become a great friend as well) that was a gift for her fiancé’s birthday. When not too much longer after I shared her photo shoot, Kim posted a powerful and moving testimonial about her portrait shoot with me  Words can’t begin to tell you how touched I am by the poetry that she shared.

I hope you’re as moved by her words and portraits as I am & have a terrific weekend – cheers!

“Say the word “Camera” to most people and you’ll see them break into a cold sweat and run for cover; I know, I used to feel the same way. It’s always been hard to accept the fact that I don’t look like your average super model! I mean, my nose is too flat, my tummy is well, a tummy and some parts of my body just don’t have the same indifference to gravity as they did when I was 17. However, that being said, once I found the freedom to open up this whole other side of me I haven’t looked back since.

It is quite rare to be able to find a photographer that you and their ideas can blend, innovate and construct such stunning pictures. So much so that these “pictures” cease to be something flat and dull and transform into brilliant pieces of art.

When I chatted with David about doing this boudoir shoot, I gave him my permission to do the shoot in whatever manner his heart desired.. My trust in his artistic abilities being absolutely intrinsic. We met at 5:30pm Monday night. After five hours of shooting, countless prop and set changes and with my back and neck on fire we wrapped for the evening.

The end result of this fast dash of planning and coordinating, even with the little mishap at the location was more then I could have ever imagined. After a few days of David making me wait impatiently I was rewarded Wednesday morning with a DVD of the final product. Sitting in my living room we went over all 46 final pieces, discussing how the light in this shot was amazing, how the framing in that shot was stunning and how the power cord really made my favorite picture into the piece de resistance.

The comfort level that I felt shooting with David is apparent within the pictures. It is not an easy task to expose yourself (literally and figuratively!) and have the camera pick apart your insecurities. Under these circumstance though, no matter the angle of the shot, the twisted positions I was directed to take, or the fact that I was standing with only the light covering my body I was very much at ease. Actually, let me rephrase that last word. I wasn’t at “ease” I was feeling beautiful, sexy, glamorous and all those things that cameras aren’t supposed to make you feel.

I have but one person to thank for all this, David.”

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