Mock Wedding Photoshoot Testimonial!

Good Afternoon Everyone!  We received an incredible response about yesterday’s Mock Wedding Photoshoot in Belmont Shore from Kellie Shelton, who is an amazing designer and photographer.  Not to mention a stand in model in a moment’s notice.  Check it out!

“Hi David,

Thank you! :) Likewise, I was thrilled to meet you last night and bare witness to all that you do. I loved your ability to stage everyone so effortlessly on the fly while keeping it fun and upbeat. You must be a blast at a wedding!

Not to mention you were so gracious about the constant chatter from the peanut gallery – a sure sign of seasoned professional.

I would love to meet with you soon to see how we can collaborate in the future and I would love to see more of your work. Especially the photojournalist shots.

Best Regards,

Kellie Shelton”


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