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Good morning from the crazy hot Orange County everyone!  This is one super excited Newport Beach wedding photographer that’s not only avoiding the “naughty nutrition day” for a confirmed encore photo shoot of me by one of my best friends; John Remus, but happy about the two new additions to the Esquire Photography “family.”

If  you had recently seen on either  Google+Facebook or Twitter a couple of my updates – that I’ve brought on a terrific Client – turned close friend over 9 years working together; Linda – who will be my new “Client Concierge.”  Linda will be working remotely at “EPHQ Long Beach” handling a lot of the correspondence for the business as I’ve been spending a lot more time behind the camera.

The other awesome addition is BJ who I’ve known through Katherine for nearly 9 years as well.  BJ is one of Katherine’s oldest & closest BFF’s and she’ll be handling all of Esquire Photography’s books remotely from Orange County.  Having BJ on board is a very surreal for me because I’ve been taking care of my books for a veerrrrrrrrry long time.

BUT!  Having them on board means something really HUGE.  I’ll get to shoot more photos, edit more photos and spend more time with my friends & clients.  YEAH!!!!

Back to West Coast Wednesday.  I don’t know about you, but I’m sipping on my cup of coffee and with a little bit of fat free Hazelnut creamer in it, it’s a great way to keep this awesome week happening.

As I was sipping on my first cup of coffee earlier – I remembered a music video that was shared with me by one of my “Tweeps” on Twitter.  It’s called “Black Coffee” by Humble Pie for this week’s West Coast Wednesday Video Of The Week. If you’re not too familiar with Humble Pie, I had to dig deep in my brain to remember as they’re a rock band from England, finding success both in the UK and the US.   Another one of those bands from the UK that I love.  Awesome!

Ok! If you may have seen yesterday or were chatting with me, I was calling yesterday TRex Tuesday.  Kinda in honour of DRan Rex and it being one more day closer to West Coast Wednesday. Which I might add was inspired by DRan Rex (The Official Esquire Photography Mascot) and yesterday being “TRex Tuesday” – RWARRRRRWW!!

So!  Before you check out this week’s West Coast Wednesday Video Of The Week and you’re thinking… Hey – I’d really like to get to know this Newport Beach Wedding Photographer (Previously a Huntington Beach Wedding Photographer) that loves music & fashion, photography and art, feel free to contact me anytime.

I’m available just about 24/7 via TwitterFacebookGoogle+, the form on my contact page, or the old fashioned phone as well at 888.ESQ.PHTO (888.377.7486) or 562.225.5915.

So feel free to sit back with your favourite morning “beverage” and enjoy getting your ears funktified and pick up what I’m throw’n down for your West Coast Wednesday in Newport Beach, Huntington Beach or another part of this crazy world we’re all a part of. Also remember to keep the “Butterfly Effect” happening and make it a totally positive one for someone else too – cheers!

PS, Here’s an awesome quote I recently shared on Twitter and I think helps keep the “Butterfly Effect” moving forward – spreading positivity.  I never wanted to be a businessman, I just wanted to change the world.” Richard Branson  That’s a really profound statement to me, because I’ve always felt like that since a small child.  I’ve never just wanted to be a photographer, some guy with a camera.  But a person that can change the world & make it a better place.

The Super PS, I’m still on the search for a couple TOTALLY AWESOME replacement photographers to join the Esquire Photography team in Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, San Diego and Ventura.  If you or some you know understands the importance of wedding photography to brides & grooms along with a zeal for working in the wedding photography business, totally contact me ASAP.  Thanks!!!

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  • wholegrain - Glad you liked the video. Wish I still lived in Ventura – I’d apply for the position in your Super PS. Wait what – I’m not a photographer – nevermind.
    Beautiful site you have here. Continue being awesome ;)

  • David Esquire - Thanks for sharing a comment & heck yeah! This is sooooooooo totally part of my roots. Being a Chicago native, a lover of the blues, funk, jazz and bluegrass – this was totally awesome & just had to share it. Totally feel free to share any other “camera obscura” (get it? “Obscure” but not – referring to a camera. HeHeHe!) tunes, totally let me know. I love Love LOVE music like photography and Nachos & Newcastles. Yum!

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