Stupid Hurts As Stupid Is Expensive!

stupidhurtsblog1000.JPGSo I’m at my favourite place to hang out; Hahm Motorsports in Newport Beach getting a small repair done to my Dutchess – my Ducati Multistrada 1000DS. And, I’m chatting with Joey at the shop when all of the sudden this guy comes into the parking lot with his BRAND NEW 2007 customized Ducati 1098S and decides to do a little hot doggin’ and pull the front tire up. Yeah yeah, you can do a wheelie. We’re all sooooooo impressed.

Except for one tiny small problem that followed immediately after he put the front wheel back down. His glove on his right hand got stuck on the throttle and he did a little bit of motorcycle bowling with his brand new $20,000 motorcycle. His bike went from 10-70 mph at full throttle in zero flat. He loses control and he & the bike go down on the left side, slide across the parking lot about 75 feet and crash into a brand new Suzuki Bandit with ABS that a customer was coming in to buy that night & an Aprilla that was in for some service.

He gets up, very disoriented (concussion) and is telling us that his glove has gotten stuck on the throttle before, but never wiped out. He’s also saying how his shoulder hurt and sure enough, he took his shirt off to show us his busted up collar bone. YEOWCH! Jesse at the shop takes him down the street to Hoag Hospital for bodily repairs, but before he leaves he tells us to keep an eye out for his friend that’s meeting him at the shop as they’re on their way to the Moto GP in Laguna Seca this weekend (he’s not going….).

Here is what $15,000 in damages looks like to a brand new customized Ducati 1098S, a vintage Aprilla and a brand new Suzuki Bandit. It doesn’t look like much, but Italian and Japanese bikes aren’t cheap.

So as I said, Stupid Hurts, As Stupid Is Expensive – Cheers!

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