Testimonial About Laura & Eddie’s Wedding About Esquire Photography

Good Evening Everyone!  I’m going for broke tonight on my emails and instead of filing for “Email Bankruptcy,” I’m dedicating my whole day to getting caught up on them.

Well, as I’m going through my seemingly endless inbox after having some Thai for dinner in my wee-little office in Huntington Beach, California – I just ran across a powerful email from Linda (One of Laura’s Bridesmaids) about Laura & Eddie’s Wedding that I photographed a just a few weeks ago at the Wayfarer’s Chapel in Rancho Palos Verdes.

Here’s what Linda had to say & have a super West Coast Wednesday – cheers!

“David you are a genius!

I just had to drop you a quick note and tell you so.  You can bet that I will share your name and card with everyone I know that needs a photographer.

As soon as my daughter or son are ready to marry or need a photo shoot, you will be my pick!

I have been around many photographers but you were the TOTAL package.  You presented yourself well and became a friend to the wedding party.  I really loved that.  I’m a people watcher and I watched.    Your work is creating perfection out of the ordinary.  All I can say is wow!!!

I truly wish you great success and thank you for serving my friend in such a professional and friendly manner.

Linda (one of the bridesmaids)”

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