The White House Opening Gala

Good Afternoon Everyone! Here’s a recap of what went down last night at The White House Opening Gala in Anaheim. But first of all – it was completely off the chain! Anyone that was anyone was there in attendance or was involved in the event.

VIP Limo rolled several of their amazing vehicles from stretch Benz limos, to buses and SUVs. Rossmoor Pastries provided the most delectable finger treats that kept you coming back for more. Mr. Art Downs of the Victori Yacht in Newport Beach brought his beautiful Ferrari for a photo opp and so much more!

Secret Servicemen guarded the door for admittance to the party, a colour guard drum line and a mariaci band took turns performing at the entrance, while a pianist was inside The White House playing jazz tunes. If you headed into the Rose Garden, you had a saxophonist giving you Dizzy Gillespie melodies while you enjoyed pasta, salmon and chicken skewers along with other treats to delight your palate. Or if you headed into the West Wing, you were greeted by a robot that was the biggest ham for pictures, a chocolate fountain with pleanty of fruit and exotic deserts to drizzle in warm decadence. Not to mention the DJ mixing the best of funk, dance and rock for you to get your groove on over the most intense glossy black floor you have ever seen (And a Duran song was heard too – yeah!).

None of this could have happened without the 3 masterminds behind the renovation of The White House. Ms. Kathy Miller of Activities, Inc. and the two owners of The White House; Allan and Yvonne. With their vision, diligence and tenacious drive – The White House was completed ahead of schedule to have it ready for the classiest corporate parties, elegant weddings or school events.

And! I would like to send a shout out to our Associate Photographer; Kerry and my partner-in-crime & better 1/2; Katherine for sharing in this event making sure that the coverage was met & we stayed on schedule.

Here’s a small sample of what we captured through our lenses last night & have a super weekend – cheers!

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