A. You can vote

B. You can not vote

If you are a legal citizen and chose A, then you are entitled to everything that this country has to offer. If you chose B, then you have no say so in anything that goes right or wrong in this country and/or the world because you didn’t pick a side and exercise your right to vote (e.g.; you can’t complain about things).

We not concerned with which side you should take as that is your opinion and legal right to choose, but please make a decision, take a stand and vote.

Ask yourself this… Why is it that people in this country will vote more for American Idol, than the person that is in charge of this country & how it will DIRECTLY AFFECT YOUR LIFE?!?!


If you’re on the fence & need a nudge, here’s some videos that may inspire you to get off your chair, walk away from your computer, get into your car, drive to the nearest polling station AND VOTE!

Now go vote!. AND have a super week as we’re all glued to our TVs to see how the next four years are going to play out for more than just our country – but for the ENTIRE PLANET.


David Esquire & the EP Krew

Disclaimer, the following videos and opinions that are shared are merely IMHO (In Our Humble Opinion). Which is our patriotic and constitutional right to share. Should you not agree – that’s totally ok, we love you & hope you will still love us too. We can still “all get along!” All the while we can agree to disagree.

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