Verbal Intercourse Testimonial (From Stephen Glickman)!

vi.pngGood Afternoon! Many of you may not know this, but I also do still photography for the movie industry from time-to-time (I spent many years in the movie & music industry).

Over the past couple of years I have had the honour of working with Mr. Stephen Glickman. He is the Writer & Director of Verbal Intercourse, an Actor on ABC’s “Carpoolers” at Carpoolers, a Kill-The-Crown Comedian at The Comedy Store, and an Actor/Broadway at DreamWorks Animation.

Today, I received a note from Stephen regarding the work that I have done so far with him on the movie & this almost tastes better than some popcorn from Garretts in Chicago. Check it out!

“This guy is an artist! His work on my first film “Verbal Intercourse” helped create the look we needed to sell the film!!!!”


Have a super week – cheers!

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