Wedding Photography Tip Of The Week

genalex0023Good Morning Everyone!  I’ve got a fantastic bit that I would like to share with you straight out of Huntington Beach in Orange County.

Just about all of us deal with it and I think it’s only the movie stars and rock stars that don’t have too much of an issue with it.  So here goes… this week’s Wedding Photography Tip Of The Week is about taking better photographs when you’re a bit on the heavier side (like me!).

Like I said, almost all of us deal with this and here are a few tips from moi that has helped me capture beautiful and flattering portraits on your Wedding Day and your Engagement Shoot:

  • Avoid sitting down in your portraits. If possible, do your best to keep standing whenever possible. This keeps bellies from rounding out and bunching up.
  • Have your photos shot from above when possible. Avoid being shot from a lower angle.  This helps create an inverted pyramid with our body types.
  • If you’re wider than thicker, turn your body to the side. If you’re thicker than wider, do your best to be photographed from the front, slightly turned.
  • Ladies, turn slightly to the side AND have rock your hip away from the camera. This makes a large hip appear smaller.  I like to call this my “ANTM” – America’s Next Top Model pose)  Totally gets a laugh every time!
  • For your Engagement Shoot, black and/or dark clothing helps to make larger people appear smaller.
  • Also for your Engagement Shoot, keep the horizontal lines and patterns to a minimum.  Vertical lines create a slenderizing effect.
  • Standing up straight is especially important.  Do your best to roll your shoulders back. You’ll likely need to watch this and catch yourself more than once not standing straight up.  I have a “String” approach that works like a charm.
  • If you can, you’ll want to conceal your belly behind a bouquet, chair or another person.
  • In group portraits, do your best to not stand at the edges in the portraits.
  • Lean forward a bit & push your face forward to minimize double chins.  This creates a shadow under your chin and it takes about 5-10 lbs off in the pictures.  100% guaranteed laughter & some serious superman leans will happen!
  • Keep your arms bent and away from the body to minimize the upper arm area which can look larger if it is held against the body.
  • Be confident & happy.  You’re in good hands with a professional photographer & I’ll make sure you’re assisted in your portraits all the way through with pleanty of laughs as well.

britneyscott0002I’m sure that this wedding tip may sting a bit, but like I said – nearly all of us work with what we’ve got and with a few adjustments here & there – your portraits will be smashing.

I hope you’re having a great week & check back soon for more Wedding Tips that will help you get the most out of your day – cheers!

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