Wedding Photography Tips – For Grooms!

This week’s tips are brought to you from our friend from down under; Aussie photographer James Day.  James has some fantastic tips to share that are his top tips for feeling comfortable in front of the camera.

He pretty much hit the nail on the head with them as these tips are things that we have been saying over the years & he did a great job summarizing them. Check them out & have a super week – cheers!

1. Relax mate. You hired a photographer whose work you like, who you get along with and who sets you at ease. Now just let the photographer do their thing.

2. Have fun. Be your fun self. Have a beer with the guys and have a laugh. The photographer can work with this!

3. Do you get easily bored? Organise things to do whilst doing the formal shoot with the photographer. For instance, go to a fair if there’s one going on and get your photos there, organise a game of boules, have champagne and snacks handy during the shoot.. and just enjoy the company of your wife and closest friends!

4. Show an interest. It’s no secret that it’s the bride’s day, but take an interest in the photography and she will be one happy lady. Show the photographer your love towards your special lady rather than hiding it when the camera is around. You’ll be rewarded later that night that’s for sure!

5. Make sure the photographer gets a shot of you and your best mates. A photo like this is priceless down the track.

6. Show your groomsmen that you have complete faith in the photographer and you aren’t afraid to work it in front of the photographer. It will instantly set them at ease.

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