West Coast Wednesday Video Of The Week

Good Morning Everyone! This is the last West Coast Wednesday Video Of The Week for the first month of 2009 & January has flown by like it’s’ nobody’s business.

With this month flying by and so many many great things that happened in such a short time and even more paramount things getting ready to happen this year – Moby just kept coming to mind.

I had the honour of being introduced to Moby back in ’91 and was inamourate of his music, creativity & artistry since then.  For me, this year is about inspiration, beauty, love, kindness, peace and harmony and I can think of several songs by Moby that encapsulate this – but I really liked how this next video had a similar theme to the Oceanlab video I shared with you on New Year’s Day.

This next song is Whispering Wind by Moby & I think you’ll really dig it.  So sit back in your chair, take 6 minutes out of your busy schedule to reflect on all the blessings you’ve been offered as the ethereal music of Moby helps your day start off on the right track – cheers!

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