West Coast Wednesday Video Of The Week

Can… you… hear… me!! I’m sending everyone a shout out from behind the Orange Curtain in Huntington Beach, California on this awesome West Coast Wednesday.

As a creative mind that never really shuts down, I find myself sometimes so totally overflowing with ideas that I just want to go to the edge of the sand & scream, explode or go nuclear because I can’t process everything fast enough to make it happen.

Recently when I was watching/listening to my video mix from DJ Chuckie with TMF on my iPod whilst getting agro on the cardio machine – I saw a video mix that struck a chord in me.  It’s a song by Enrique Iglesias that I totally love.  It’s titled; “Can You Hear Me” and it perfectly describes me when I’m going wild with ideas for photos, videos, songs, portraits, pretty much anything that is creative.

And, with the completion of a very huge fine art study shoot in glamour, fashion & boudoir that I did this week (coming live on the site very soon!) – I kept hearing this song in my head.  And, when I looked for it on You Tube, I found a behind the scenes clip that is really cool too. It totally shows some of the work that goes into the craziness that it takes to create a piece of art. Which is really awesome as it took nearly 5 hours of principal photography and 5 1/2 hours of post production for me to create 46 incredibly beautiful, haunting and stunning photos from the shoot.

So sit back & enjoy the behind the scenes video of “Can You Hear Me” by Enrique Iglesias (with a LINK to the full copyrighted version on You Tube) and have a fantastic West Coast Wednesday – cheers!

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