West Coast Wednesday Video Of The Week

Good Morning Everyone! Here’s a serious flash back to 1983 with a band that had one hit that broke the charts. If you’re able to find it on CD anywhere, hold on to it because it’s a collectors piece!

The song is “AEIOU, Sometimes Y” by the band Ebn Ozn. Their initial collaboration “AEIOU Sometimes Y” was recorded in 1981, (released 1983) the first American record to ever be completely executed on a computer (a Fairlight CMI). First played in public by DJ Afrika Bambatta for a black and gay crowd at The Roxy before it was released, “AEIOU” was a bizarre mix of rap, spoken word, digital sampling, rock and R&B dance music. Liben and Rosen cut their own 12-inch dance single which was instantly signed by Arista Records in London by A&R wunderkind Simon Potts and in New York by Elektra Records’ President Bob Kraznow before the band even had name.

Check it out & have a super week – cheers!

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