Where Does All The Time Go???

As we’re in-between the rains in Huntington Beach and throughout Orange County, I remembered a blog posting that my partners over at Shoot Dot Edit did earlier this month.  They had shared some really amazing information with a fascinating graph and blog post provided by the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers that really helps clear up the perception and reality of what us professional photographers do with our time.

So if your an aspiring photographer, student or enthusiast considering a career in professional photography or a client wondering why it make take a little longer to receive your photos – I really think the article I’m sharing on my blog (with permission I would like to add) from Shoot Dot Edit and the graphs help clear that up and paint a realistic picture (no pun intended) of what we’re doing.

Let’s face it, the requirements to “make it” as a professional photographer in this digital age are not for the faint of heart.  And, for those of you who understand this, you are also familiar with the difference between your family/friend/customer perception of what you do, and the REALITY of what you do!

The Perception
“How some people think professional wedding photographers spend their time (and how some photographers WISHED they could spend their time):”

The Reality
How professional wedding photographers REALLY spend their time:

That about sums up all of the countless hours of conversations us photographers are having with friends and family about how we are WAY over worked!!!

Here is FACT that no human can deny, and we liken this truth to the computer RAM analogy.  Each of us (and our business) have only so much RAM.  Try and run too many applications at the SAME TIME and you will begin to CRASH.

How much RAM do you have?  What if you no longer needed to use your personal/business RAM towards your post production.  What portions of your life and business could benefit from that extra time and energy?  Considering the new and very true dilemma of post production for the professional and passionate digital photographer, this is question worthy of asking…, uh, and answering!

Based on the proposed graph above and several other sources we have included, here are a few items that your business is definitely putting it’s RAM towards:

1.    Marketing
⁃    Brand Development & Collateral Development
⁃    Website design and upkeep
⁃    SEO
⁃    Social Networking (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
⁃    Blogging
2.    Sales
3.    Pricing Matrix and Strategies
4.    Vendor Relationship Building
5.    Accounting
6.    Consultations
7.    Email
8.    Print fulfillment
9.    Customer Service
10.   Gear upkeep and management
11.   Human resources
12.   Manage your second shooters
13.   Editorial Submissions
14.   Post Production

Oh, and then there are the bare essentials:
– Take photographs
– Eat
– Sleep
– Have friends and hang out occasionally
– Be with your family (wife, husband, children, parents, etc.)

In conclusion.  If you’re coming up as a photographer, then only you know what is best for you as a person and your business.  Hopefully this post has helped you some how someway is move forward with succeeding!

If you would like to add to this or have a comment, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.  I’m definitely open to your thoughts and ideas.

And, if you’re an Orange County or Los Angeles County Bride or Groom that has a question for me or is interested in me being your photographer so you can have that mantlepiece of one of my Signature Romantic, Artistic & Sexy Portraits, feel free to Contact Me through the website or email me directly at david@esquirephotography.com.

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Have a terrific Tuesday – cheers!

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