You Become What You Think About

Christi & Brian1. Dream big; creative visualization (think about your dreams) mental rehearsal; and imagine yourself at 10 times today’s earnings.

2. Do what you love to do; become better and better; commitment is starting point; commitment to excellence; and become the best at what you do.

3. Focus on your strength – they’re unique; introspection – what are they; and ask people you respect what should I do?

4. See yourself as self-employed; be the president of your company; work for yourself; treat your company like you own it; and remember “if it’s to be, it’s up to me.”

5. Never consider failure; life has ups and downs; learn from setbacks; and wisdom plus reflection.

6. Clear sense of direction; clear sense of goals; work on them everyday; decide what you want; and what price you will pay.

7. Develop workaholic mentality; 12 hours a day; 8 hours to survive; over 8 for investment; and go harder.

8. Get around right people; positive, goal oriented and successful people; associate with winners.

9. Be teachable; open to new information; do not be impressed with your own intelligence; be ready to learn; take in new information; and ask questions, and advice from people who knows.

10. Be prepared to climb from peak to peak; valley between each (ebb and flow); up and down – always; and roll with it.

11. Develop resilience; bounce back; and remember all peak performances bounce no matter how hard they hit.cnbvert2.jpg

12. Unlock your creativity; do 10% better; demand your strengths; and stretch your originally and speed.

13. Focus on continuous personal development; with books, tapes, seminars, reading, studying, listening, practicing, and developing your mind.

14. Be an unshakable optimist; look for the good in every situation; confident expectations no matter how bad; expect to be rich; expect to be successful; you get what you expect, not what you want; and stay away from negative people.

15. Dedicate yourself to serving others; people who give are the happiest and have the most; people who take have the bare minimum; top performers lose themselves in other peoples reward; and put value on your service.

16. Develop a reputation for speed and dependability; develop a sense of urgency – do it now; get on with the job; and act fast on opportunities.

17. Be impeccably honest to yourself and others; honesty, truth, integrity and absolute trust in the foundation of our system; and always deliver on your commitment.

18. Concentrate on one thing at a time; set priorities; concentrate on top task 100%; concentrate 100% of your energy on one single task; what is the most valuable use of your time right now; do it 100% and then go on.

19. Be decisive; make decisions quickly; think and act; characteristic of genius is to make decisions quickly; remember a bad decision is better than no decision at all.rnmvert.jpg

20. Back your plans and goals with persistence and determination; stick to it longer than anybody else; your measure of belief is yourself; persistence is a habit; and never quit.

21. Self mastery; self control; self discipline; develop capacity to force yourself to do what you know you must do – when you should do it – whether you like it or not; and master key to riches.

May you continue down your path to fulfill your destiny – cheers!

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