“We Can Be Heroes” Creating Awareness For Cancer In The Polar Run Minnesota Featuring Music By Grammy Awarding Winning Artist Moby

Moby BeSomebody Minneapolis Inspire Polar Run Subaru“Cancer is a four-letter word” – Tony Mills

As you know – 2017 kicked off with the 2nd commercial ENTIRELY filmed and #ShotOniPhone for my client: TEK Products in Minneapolis (LINK).


As of this installment – nine (yes, as in “9”) days ago on 20, January 2017 at 9:50 p.m., my brother Tony texted me and asked me to film a video for him explaining why he was in The Polar Run this year.  My immediate response was: “Sounds awesome to me!” and then he asked me how soon – which I responded: “What about tomorrow?”!

Zero planning, zero storyboarding, zero everything.  BUT!  What we had was: “Heart.  Miles and miles of heart.” to quote Gene Hackman in the epic movie: “The Replacements” with the uber awesome Keanu Reeves.

Tony, myself and our brother Jason lost our parents to cancer and Tony’s quote of “Cancer is a four-letter word” sums up EXACTLY how we feel about it.  Especially since there IS a cure and it’s being kept from us.  Tony shared in his video how we all know someone who’s life was cut short by cancer or we know of someone through 6 degrees of separation.

In our case – we were all DIRECTLY affected by it and there isn’t a day that goes by where the three of us think about our parents.  I even did a West Coast Wednesday Video Of The Week in honour of our mum (LINK).

I’m not going to go on & on about this because I can barely type with my eyes having been burning for the past 9 days from crying, my migraines have been in full effect, and let’s say that in my mind – the sustaining words: “FCUK CANCER” are as loud as God’s voice to Moses as I’ve been working on this project.

What can YOU do to directly help?  For the price of one Starbucks coffee – you can donate as LITTLE as $5.00 or as much as you want.  Here are the links to #BeSomebody and make a positive difference in this world:

ALL the monies are going to Minnesota Masonic Charities, which will be DOUBLING the money and sending it to the Masonic Cancer Center at the University of Minnesota.  This is VERY important to me as I am a Freemason myself – in a long line of others in my family tree.

ALSO!  It is with great honour to give a shout out to MOBY allowing me the opportunity to license and feature his totally MEGA song: “The Day” in Tony’s video.  You have been a HUGE inspiration to me for many decades and I continue to be in awe and inpsired with your craft and what you do to be a positive light in our world.

How did I do this?  By Employing The BEST Gear In The Industry!

Combine all that with a suite of software by Adobe Creative Cloud and a few other “cups of sugar” I learned from my mum to keep to myself – I had ALL the best in the biz for Tony’s video.

Before you scroll down to check out the video ENTIRELY filmed and #ShotOniPhone and would like to chat with me about photographing your story, event or message, feel free to contact me anytime.

I’m on InstagramTwitterFacebookGoogle+, the form on my contact page, the old fashioned phone at 888.ESQ.PHTO (888.377.7486) or direct 562.225.5915.

PS, Be sure to ramp up the quality of the video to 1080 HD so you can enjoy Tony’s message properly!

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