David And Kerry Talk About Paying Attention To Details

Good Morning Everyone!  Last night when I was leaving Michelle & Gabriel’s home in Long Beach after getting their wedding on the books for September this year, I had a chat with Kerry on the phone about paying attention to details.  The idea came to me out of something that a colleague of mine did & I thought we should do a podcast about it.

But! with all the guests that we have in the pipeline for our podcast, we knew it wouldn’t work & then we both thought about doing a video cast for our listeners.  We figured what the heck.  I’m already on the road, I’ve got my fancy-schmancy Union Jack Flip HD camera with me & let’s give it a go.  By the time I got to our studio in Irvine, Kerry had the lighting already set up ready to do the video cast.

Along with our regular podcast we host on iTunes, we are thinking about trying out our hand with some videocasts. In this episode, we discuss paying attention to details. This covers your material, to your work, to working with other vendors, and more.

One of the things mentioned was to use checklists, if you missed an article we did from the past, here is a LINK to it.

Please leave comments about what you think and let us know if you would like to see more of these video segments.  AND! If you really do enjoy them like this or would like to also see them in iTunes, let us know & we’ll get them into iTunes.

Have a super West Coast Wednesday – cheers!

Now that was the “serious” side of me & Kerry. So… for a special treat – here’s what it’s really like in our world…

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