David Esquire’s Speaking Engagement At Lewis Elementary

Good Afternoon Everyone!  We would like to let you know that our Photographer; David Esquire spoke at Lewis Elementary to a classroom of 5th graders about the importance of math and photography.

There’s a lot of debate in the world about how the creative arts don’t tie in with math & science and vice-versa.  But that is one of the biggest misconceptions ever!

Recently this came up in a conversation with some teachers and David paraphrased Einstein stating that “Creativity is more important than knowledge” and how neither cannot exist without the other.  So David was invited to speak to a classroom of 5th graders on how to do photography you must have a grasp on your math skills.

A few of the topics that were discussed were the rule of thirds, composition and geometric patterns in photographs.  David also brought some swag provided by Office Depot for the students that participated in the discussion.  The students all had a great time & we’re confident that he’ll be asked to return for the upcoming school year – which we know he’d be honoured to do.

If you are a faculty member at a school and are interested in David speaking to your class about art and science with photography or having David be a motivational speaker explaining how you can overcome your obstacles and achieve your dreams, please contact us at; info@esquirephotography.com or you can fill in our form on our Contact page.

Have a super week!

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