David & Kerry Chat With Dane Sanders To Help You Save Time & Money On iTunes

dane_sandersGood afternoon from Irvine & Huntington Beach, California everyone! Today we chatted with my good friend; Dane Sanders – the author of Fast Track Photographer to talk about ways in managing your tasks and to-do lists better so that you can effectively spend your time better.

As an owner of a small business – running your own business can be a daunting task, especially if you’re a one man show taking care of all the aspects of it. And! To make matters more intense – photographers are artists first & business people second, which is wherein lies the majority of our struggles.

I recently went to the Fast Track Photographer Roadshow in San Diego & had my eyes opened to an amazing world of better time management along with stronger tools and services to help me run and build my business not only to be more efficient – but able to service my clients better.

So when we were chatting about this last week, we thought it would be great to share this knowledge with our colleagues to help them build and grow their businesses as well.

Dane shared just about an hour’s worth of wisdom with us & you’re more than welcome to download and subscribe to our Camera Dojo podcast by clicking the button below.

I hope you’re having a great West Coast Wednesday & enjoy – cheers!

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