Esquire Photography’s New Website Has Arrived!

Good Evening Everyone!  As if there wasn’t enough on my plate during a really busy May & totally chaotic pending June – I thought that my website needed a new look and be more in-line with who I am and the style of my work.  Or… more like my slogan; “A Riot Of Colour In A Grey World.”

So after I came back from WPPI, I put having a new website on the front burner & tackled it the same way you would eat an elephant — one bite at a time.  So here it is!  The next evolution of the Esquire Photography website.  A bigger layout, simpler navigation, way more super duper faster load times, SEO happy and most of all – it FINALLY has my logo that I created about 18 months ago.

For the new site, I employed the magical mind of Matt Hudson over at H2 Photo Design.  Matt worked side-by-side with me over the past couple of months “seeing” my vision of what I wanted and then through some seriously late nights over the past couple of weeks hammering out all the details.

One of the totally best things about working with Matt was that he put up with my seemingly never-ending questions, constant corrections & changes to the verbiage in my content and my neurotic “Camera One… Camera Two” compare & contrasts with the design.  On top of all my idiosyncrasies – he always made me feel like a friend and not just some client wanting to have a new website.

Although I’m guessing at times this was probably what he looked like when he was off the phone with me…  LOL!

If you’re ever looking for someone to take your website to the HNL – be sure to contact Matt.  He’s a photographer and designer from Ruston, Louisiana that knows his stuff BIG TIME.  If he can work with a high maintenance photographer like me, then he surely can work with the best of them.

I also thought that the proper way to kick off a new website is with a West Coast Wednesday Video.  Even though it’s Baby Friday, this had to be the funnest way to launch my new website.  Now I’m sure you’re probably thinking it’s going to be a Duran Duran song.  And you know what… you’re right!  And it’s my favourite one too – like the tattoo on my right arm – Rio from Duran Duran.  AND!  Not just any performance by Duran Duran, but from their Live At Hammersmith ’82 DVD.

But before you enjoy Rio & check out my new website — you’ll probably be thinking to yourself… Hey – I’d really like to get to know this Orange County Wedding Photographer in Huntington Beach, California that shoots weddings all over from OC to LA to Ventura and to San Diego.  Feel free to Contact Me anytime.

You can also stay in touch with me in “real time” on Twitter, Facebook and my Facebook Fan Page too.

Thanks for checking out my new website & I hope you’re having a great start to your holiday weekend – cheers!

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  • John Vercelletto - I like the new look. As for the video, you gotta love the old computer terminal green monitor at the beginning of the video. You dont’ have to love the moves on stage by DD however. LOL

  • Marisol Risakotta - It looks fabulous!!!!
    Great job done! Much better… way, way, much better!
    Congratulations & Hooray to your new happy look!

  • David Esquire - Hey John & Marisol, Thanks so much for the comments! It’s difficult to bring together all the elements I wanted in a site & I think that Matt brought it all together for me. :-)

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