Guest Writer: Marc Lindshield Shares Some Amazing & Inspirational Thoughts To Help You With Your Week

Marc Lindshield Positivity Newport Beach Wedding Photographer

“♥ Tuesday Emotional Tussle ♥

I’m beginning to believe there is a “Post Terrorist Attack Syndrome”. It seems that whenever one of these incidents occurs I have a “Rebound Day” that is marked with a dull feeling of Sadness. The realization that people suddenly Died and many others were forever changed with lost limbs and injuries all while gathered to celebrate a Happy Occasion. It seems so Cruel, the sudden whiplash from the Greatest Joy to tremendous Sorrow. That seems to punctuate this is the reality that Life if both Short and at times not at all fair!

This brings me to my Thought and encouragement for the day. We all seem to lead busy hectic lives immersed in technology and connectivity. If I’ve witnessed firsthand any common thread interwoven in the Grief of Sudden Loss it is this – “Regret” ! !

All too often the realization that we didn’t talk enough, laugh enough, play enough or simply listen enough with our closest Friends and Family Members – the people we deeply Love, until they are suddenly NOT There anymore. I can’t even begin to tell you the number of people I’ve worked with who grieve, who would give almost ANYTHING Tangible for only one more day with someone they Love… if it were only possible.

It’s so easy to look around and spot people totally consumed by an electronic device. I have commented about vacationing families sitting at Lava Java… the most Beautiful Breakfast spot in Kona Hawaii – Dad reading the newspaper, Mom chatting with her Girlfriend back home on her cellphone, Daughter texting a distant boyfriend and Son playing a video game … all while extraordinary beauty passes before them. For many of these Families this is a “Once in a Lifetime” Vacation … I don’t know about anyone else, but to me it’s sad to watch, maybe because I know it can all change in an instant. One universal truth is undeniable … No Electronic Device will ever offer the same compassionate, nurturing and loving fulfillment found only in human touch and relationships!

Live Consciously, Live WITHOUT Regret, Disconnect and Connect with what really Important in your Life a Little Each Day ♥

~ Aloha Marc

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