Huntington Beach + West Coast Wednesday Video Of The Week = Happiness

Huntington Beach and photography aren’t playing well in the sand this morning as Huntington Beach has provided wayyyy too much fog with the city socked in.  But that’s not going to stop me from dropping four minutes and thirty six seconds of funk for this week’s West Coast Wednesday Video Of The Week.

I was thinking of various photographers that I like and enjoy, and there was one photographer came to mind that a lot of people don’t know of.  But!  Most people may know him for his music and the supermodel wife that he’s married to.  If you’re not sure yet, one of his hits is “Crazy” and another more recent one is “Kiss from a rose.”  Nowwwwwwwww I’m sure you’re picking up what I’m throwin down.

This week’s West Coast Wednesday Video Of The Week artist (and I’m not using that word lightly) is Seal.  I figure he’s an artist born in London (Yeah!), won THREE Grammys and has sold more then 15 million albums worldwide – that should be a pretty cool artist to feature.  Oh, and did I mention that he’s a killer (No pun intended) photographer too.  Check out his Work, it’s really smart and gives you a different perspective.

But, here’s a twist for this week’s video…. I’m not showing you Seal’s version of a video.  I’m showing you George Michael’s version of a song and it’s “Killer.”  As I was mentioning about different perspectives a paragraph ago – I thought why not do that for the video too.

So before I present you with this week’s feature of my West Coast Wednesday Video Of The Week and you’re thinking… Hey – I’d really like to get to know this Orange County Wedding Photographer in Huntington Beach, California, feel free to Contact Me or send me an email direct at  You can also stay in touch with me in “real time” on Twitter, Facebook and my Facebook Fan Page too.

So without further ado, I give you George Michael’s music video for “Killer” by Seal.  And, don’t just have an awesome West Coast Wednesday, but make it a positive one for someone else too, it’ll spark the butterfly effect – cheers!

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