Long Beach PUG (In Torrance!)

Good Evening Everyone! I just got in from a fantastic night with several incredible photographers gathering to meet at the Pictage Corporate Office in Torrance. It was originally supposed to be at Paul Manke’s home in Long Beach, but once the word got out that Dane Sanders, the author of Fast Track Photographer was going to be there – the attendance blew up & the event was moved to Pictage’s Corporate Office.

There was such a fantastic turnout of incredible talent too. Celebrity Photographer Bob Davis, the incredible Kenny Kim, the romantic Roberto Valenzuela, the ever-so-stylin’ Christine Bentley in her sassy red pumps, Mr. Cool himself – John Loyola and many many others were there.

I blazed up to Torrance on my baby now that she’s back from Spectrum Motorsports in Irvine and met up with Dane, Kenny Kim and Regis Chen at Starbucks down the street because a few of us were a tad early. We had a few legal addictive stimulants and then headed over to Pictage for the PUG.

Ms. Emily Engle from Pictage that conducted my Interview back in August was there & she is way cool in person as she is on the phone. Pizza, snacks & Pictage samples were served & shown and some new products that we’re being able to offer to our clients are getting ready to be launched.

Roberto kicked off the night with a great presentation that was trimmed down from 2 hours to just over 30 minutes & it was not only informative, but inspirational. Dane then showed off his fashionable stylings on how to not be invisible, coached all of us with our multiple inner dialouge and then he brought the house down. Literally! Well not completely, but he embraced his inner Hulk and crashed into a wall. Thank goodness he threw his body into the wall & not into the wall head first. John reinacted te event & Dane signed the wall as proof – which I’m sure will probably be framed at some day.

After the event a few of us followed John to The Elephant Bar next to the Del Amo Mall for a few drinks & late night snacks. It was so great to share some ideas of the “biz” and share some great laughs.

Here are a few photos that I was able to capture and proof that the roumours are true about Christine’s cookies. They are INCREDIBLE as everyone has said and it was very difficult to just have one, because I was ready to take the entire tray & run out the door.

Have a great rest of your Baby Friday & I’ll chat with you soon – cheers!

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