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kristinmichael0002Good Morning Everyone! I’m finally getting caught back up in my little old Huntington Beach office behind the Orange Curtain & remembered that I wanted to share an article that I saw before I left to photograph Jennifer & Paul’s wedding in Virginia last weekend.

The original article is titled “The Worst Wedding Traditions.” I don’t quite agree with that as even though I am a very forward-thinking person, I still like some traditions. I think that the original article should have been called “Wedding Traditions – Passe’ or Present.” Doesn’t that sound so much better? I think so!

So here is what the article had to say & I welcome your thoughts on what you think is current & up-to-date or just really outdated & should be abolished all together – cheers!

When it comes to weddings, who says you have to follow all the rules? Sure, if you want to stick with some classic traditions, go for it. But we believe that less is more, so it’s time to reevaluate the old-school ways of saying “I do.” The more you simplify, the more you’ll be able to focus on the really important stuff for your big day…

Matching Bridesmaids Chances are the friends, sisters and cousins you’ve selected to be in your bridal party aren’t all of identical make-and-model. One’s a tall lanky brunette, another is a short curvy blonde. So outfitting them all in the exact same dress means there’s a good chance someone is going to look awkward (at best) and awful (at worst). Instead, try doing different dresses in one color or a colorful array of complementary shades.

lnd0002Big Bridal Parties Since there can be lots of posturing and jockeying for these prime positions with the bride and groom, keep the bridal party small to avoid potential quibbles (and even all-out wars!). Plus, with a more intimate group you’ll save money on gifts for the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Long Vows Be kind to your guests by keeping your vows on the shorter side. This is especially important if your ceremony is under the blazing sun without umbrellas or fans. Say what you want to say, but don’t bore your guests!

Throwing Rice Does a blushing bride really want to be doused by a storm of hard little pellets that end up getting stuck in her hair, veil, gown, and worse, inside her shoes? Not the most comfortable situation when she’s whooping it up to “Brick House” on the dance floor.

Assigned Seating Guests get miserable if they’re stuck at a table away from the people they really want to hang with. Cocktail-style settings with open seating and lots of grazing are more inviting and lively. And you’ll save money and migraines by ditching elaborate seating charts and place cards.

Expensive Wedding Favors Weddings aren’t about giving showy gifts; they’re about celebrating your love with your loved ones. None of your guests expect pricey parting gifts. If you want to show your appreciation, leave a short, sincere note on each place setting thanking them for being there. Or let them know that a donation to a meaningful charity has been made in their name.

0034Throwing the Bouquet Nothing in life — not the SAT’s, not parallel parking during our drivers’ test, not meeting our boyfriend’s parents for the first time — can compare to the pressure of being a single gal expected to push, pull, and pummel to catch that doggone bridal bouquet. Enough already.

Removing the Garter Kind of cheesy, right? Kind of grope-y? Kind of I-don’t-want-to-have-to-holler-like-a-frat-boy-as-he-runs-his-hands-up-her-thigh?

Drunken Toasts Oh, the joy, the tenderness, the humiliation of an old-fashioned toast given by someone who has had a few too many sips of bubbly. Talk to your talkers ahead of time and let them know you’d like them to keep it sweet…and sober.

Leaving For the Honeymoon the Morning After After all the planning and partying, it’s nice to take a pause before heading off to paradise. There’s so much to think about when leaving town. Give yourselves a day or two or even longer to get organized. You need an extra breath before jetting off and finally melting into relaxation mode.

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