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Good morning everyone in Huntington Beach and abroad!  I received a note that has a fantastic wedding day tip from my good friends at and I really wanted to share with you this week.

So let’s say you’re an Orange County bride and you’re a little nervous about your fiance’s upcoming bachelor party or your both concerned about each other’s parties.  Having been to my share of bachelor parties in Orange County, Los Angeles, and around the country, I think that this list is really creative and will help you get the most out of your wedding day for your guests.

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So without further ado, here are some fantastic ideas that I think you’ll enjoy & have a super Baby Friday – cheers!

Here are five tips to help you cope with your fiance’s upcoming bachelor party.

So you just overheard your man’s buddies brainstorming the dreaded bachelor party….ugh. There’s nothing like the vision of a beer-goggled groom-to-be ogling scantily clad women named after inanimate objects that makes even the most grounded woman shudder in her stilettos. It’s no wonder why the traditional bachelor party isn’t high on a bride-to-be’s list of exciting wedding-related milestones. Here’s the reality: no, you can’t throw a tantrum to halt the festivities, but you can take a few steps to make sure your guy’s final send-off doesn’t leave you wanting to off your guy.

Plan Ahead
Try to gently talk your guy and his friends out of planning the bachelor party the night – or weekend-before the wedding. An event well in advance of the big day will give the guys ample time to recover and ensure his bachelor party doesn’t land on your list of final wedding worries.

Two Can Play
Why should you sit home and knit while he’s partying with his friends? You’re saying goodbye to your single self too, you know. Even if your traditional bachelorette bash doesn’t fall on the same night, make sure you’re sufficiently distracted by your own good time to worry about his.

Go Co-Ed
Believe it or not – co-ed showers are fast becoming the norm, and bachelor and bachelorette parties are following suit. This is a great idea, especially if you and your man share a close circle of male and female friends. Even if your co-ed party does get a little wild, you’ll both feel much more comfortable knowing that you’re together – and can keep an eye on each other.

Talk it Over
Don’t be afraid to express any of your concerns to your fiancé. You may find that your worries are unfounded. Believe it or not, modern bachelor parties don’t always involve sweaty lap dances with buxom blondes named Barbi. Just as many consist of fishing, hiking and wine tasting. Your guy may even feel pressured by his buddies to partake in traditional debauchery, and he might welcome your dialogue to the contrary. Regardless – remember that you cannot force him to forgo the party (he’ll resent you if you try), so be open to listening and talking about his bachelor party plans.

Have a Little Faith
Even if your man’s crew goes the traditional g-string route, most bachelor parties really are innocent fun. If your guy cares about you and loves you, he won’t commit any transgressions. And if you find that you simply cannot trust him around a few scantily clad women – you may need to investigate whether this guy is even worth marrying in the first place.

Remember ladies, his bachelor party isn’t the end of the world. And if he seems just a little starry eyed at the concept of a night in a strip club, give him a little lap dance of your own. That’s sure to return his focus to you!

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