West Coast Wednesday Video Of The Week With Duran Duran’s Rio Live Circa 1984

Good morning straight out of the Orange County hood everyone!  Ok, not really the “hood” (LOL!), but I’m behind the “Orange Curtain” in Huntington Beach.  Ooooooohhhh scary!

I’m bringing you a bit of vintage Duran Duran this morning from a concert that was filmed during the Sing Blue Silver tour in Oakland, California at the Oakland Coliseum on April 15th 1984 for the “As The Lights Go Down” film.

What was really cool, was Duran Duran took the music & released their “Arena” album with the additional song; Wild Boys on it. And in the late ’90’s I totally scored the underground double CD of that concert released on an Italian label off of ebay.  That copy has the full encore performances of Girls on Film & Rio – that aren’t on the Arena CD.

BUT!  What was even cooler, was I attended Duran Duran’s; Sing Blue Silver performance in Kansas City, Missouri at the Municipal Auditorium, where two “Friends of Mine” went with me & we were actually able to crash the floor seating.  It was Andy Taylor’s birthday & just before they performed Rio & Girls on Film, the entire auditorium sang Happy Birthday to Andy.

So with all that back-story & road trip down memory lane, I won’t keep you any further & I give you Duran Duran live from 1984 performing Rio.  So sit back, enjoy your favourite morning beverage and have a fantastic West Coast Wednesday – cheers!

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