Are You A Dreamer? I Am And I Pursue Them Each And Every Day Of My Life.

Newport Beach Photographer LondonAre You A DREAMER?

Yes, contrary to conventional wisdom you can accomplish anything in your life you want – you just can’t accomplish everything – there isn’t enough time (that is unless you have set the bar really low). You have to focus on what is important and why and never give in or up to outside negative influence or allow inside negative messages cause you to let go of hopes, plans or desires.

So, if all of this is true why do so many people let go of goals, dreams or desires?

Is it fear or insecurity? Could it be that you want to avoid the rejection of others? Or, is it simply you just don’t know how to begin?

We all have goals, dreams, plans and desires whether written in stone or they are just wandering aimlessly around in our consciousness. We all want something better or more whether in our spiritual, financial, physical life or our relationships. But wanting will never be enough – you have to create a “white heat” of passion and desire and then turn off the inner and outer negative messages that can often be the only cause of our failure to begin. I might add that developing the necessary skills will always be a critical part of any successful journey into the future. So the choice is yours – keep getting better and smarter or accept staying stuck where you are.

Below are simple strategies that can assist you with achieving your goals and dreams.

Become committed to not procrastinate.
Just making a commitment to not put things off can be very empowering. If you have a habit of putting things off, just think about all of the things that habit has stopped you from achieving. Now imagine the things that you will continue to not achieve, if you don’t become committed to releasing procrastination out of your life. Now imagine the things that you can become blessed to achieve if you just make a commitment to not procrastinate.

Put your goal or dreams in writing.
It is a good idea to keep a journal of your aspirations. Write in your journal the things that are related to what you want to achieve. For example, you could write down the things that inspire you to reach your goals or dreams. You could also write down the reasons that you deserve to reach all that you strive to reach. You could also keep a list of the things that are challenging for you. These are the things that could be a potential obstacle for you. You could then write down how you will overcome the challenges. You could also keep track of action steps that you are going to take to reach your desired outcome. It is a good idea to write in your journal often.

Keep your goals or dreams in front of you.
It is not only important to write your aspirations, but it also important to keep them in front of you. This could mean something as simple as writing down your vision weekly on a sticky note, and putting that sticky note somewhere where you will continue to see it. If you don’t keep your goals and dreams in front of you it can be just like people say “Out of sight out of mind.” If you don’t continue to keep your future aspirations in front of you, then you may become less dedicated to what you are working toward and get off track. When you keep what you want to achieve in front of you that can help to keep things fresh in your mind, and help you stay inspired and motivated.

Share your goals and dreams.
It is a great idea to share your desires with others that you know support and believe in you. This is a form of accountability and can assist you with staying on track. If you are one who struggles with procrastination, then sharing your vision with someone else can help eliminate procrastination being an obstacle, to achieving what you want to achieve. Knowing that you have someone to be accountable to, can keep you moving.

Don’t give up.
No matter what comes your way it is extremely important to not give up on what you are working toward. You deserve to reach your success, so make it up in your mind that no matter what obstacles and challenges arise, giving up on your goals and dreams is not an option. When you develop that type of mind-set, it can truly help you become a master of goal and dream attainment.

To Your Success,

Larry D.Hall

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