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Good afternoon from Huntington Beach everyone!  As I’m sure you probably already know about me is that I’m not just a Huntington Beach Wedding Photographer as I love shooting fashion, commercial, sports, rock bands, and pretty much anything that involves people, adrenaline, sexiness and the occasional potential for death or dismemberment.  LOL!

Last month in February I had the honour of working with with Studio Z down in San Diego for an Oscars Party at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles where we worked with Kate Mesta capturing tons of celebrities coming through the event.

Well… at one point, out of the corner of my eye I had seen a couple of ladies heading our way & I had this “Butterflies” feeling right down to the core of my being.  I was like; heyyyy… “this mean’s something” (B Movie Reference.  Comment if you get it!).

When they came over to me, I obviously couldn’t help myself & strike up a good chat with the two of them.  It turns out that they’re both from the UK where my family is from and Jane is an international working professional model & actress and her mum who was with her makes sure that she’s well taken care of.

After the event, I shot Jane an email that it was totally great to meet her & in a few days, Jane said that she was in the US for 5 more days & wanted to know if we could go out & shoot.  Needless to say I was totally stoked & rearranged my calendar to make it happen for us to go out.  AND… I knew exactly the look that we would do for her shoot too and Jane showed up totally prepared and even wore her Kate Mesta dog tag too!

The day of the shoot came around and Jane hired the totally bad ass professional stylist: Kristen Quintrall in Los Angeles to make sure that Jane was totally stunning from daylight to nightlife.

If you’ve ever been out on location with me shooting, you know that there is never a shortage of laughing, breaking down barriers and totally amazing experiences.  From the beginning of the day where I nearly got acousted from a guy delivering water that was 1/2 the size of me, to taking over the lobby & bar at the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood and having plain clothed and armed people stop and stare – it’s a veritable cornucopia of experiences from beginning to end.  There was almost a “Mission Impossible” inspired moment where a garage door started coming down & we were running back out.  I thought I was going to have to slide down under the door to get out.  Crazy awesome fun!

Jane totally killed her shoot like it was a walk in the park, Kristen was so much of an amazing experience that I can’t wait to work with her again, Belinda trucked my 1,000 pound roller and made sure I had all my changes of lenses in the flashest of flashes and Jane’s mom & I were able to have a total kismet connection.  The one word that describes our connection is “Butterflies” like I had mentioned above.

But before you check out Jane’s urban glam fashion shoot that we did in Los Angeles and you’re thinking… Hey – I’d really like to get to know this Huntington Beach Wedding Photographer that loves fashion, photography and art, feel free to contact me anytime.

I’m available just about 24/7 via TwitterFacebook, the form on my contact page, or the old fashioned phone as well at 888.ESQ.PHTO (888.377.7486) or 562.225.5915.

So without further ado, I give you Jane’s Los Angeles photo shoot.  Feel free to enjoy the next 2 1/2 minute of urban glam that we did.

I hope you’re having a great weekend & stay tuned for more.  There are so many things going on that I’ll be sharing with you – cheers!

PS, Totally check out the video program; Photo Night Live from the UK that I was a guest on.  YEAH!!!  Be sure to read the Story about it and the program episode.  We had a total blast and there was beer involved too at 11:00 a.m.!  Well… Not by me, but the guys in the UK were already at the end of their day.  LOL!

PSS, If you missed it this past week, be sure to check out Mike McCaleb from Mission Visual on the latest episode of “How To Make The Most Out Of Your Wedding Day” – where he’s sharing some terrific advice on how to save some time, some money & your sanity planning your wedding and event.

PPSS, Jane’s Urban Glam photo shoot is also on Pictage if you’d like to order any professional prints or canvas wraps too.

UBER PS:  Is it me, or did Jane totally look like a Patrick Nagel!  Wholly Nachos & Newcastles!!!!

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