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Good evening from Orange County everyone!  About 6 cups of coffee later and a few meetings & phone calls, this is one Newport Beach Wedding Photographer that’s totally stoked to share another event with you.

A few years ago I had the honour of meeting Monique & Cesar to chat with them about their wedding.  The three of us were a total hit from the start and eventually I photographed their Los Angeles Engagement Shoot at Union Station & The Edison and shortly after – photographed their La Habra Wedding & Reception at the Westridge Golf Club.

Throughout the years, Monique, Cesar and I have totally kept in touch.  Monique has kicked off her new and thriving Event Planning company called; A Blissful Affair along with recently re-hiring me to be their Event Photographer for their Dual Birthday Party – which they celebrated at the same place they had their wedding at; the Westridge Golf Club.

At Monique & Cesar’s Birthday Party – I met Natalie who hired me to be her photographer for her Sweet 16 Red Carpet Masquerade Party and Laguna Beach Portrait Shoot  that I photographed for her just hours before meeting up with my friends; Carri & Kai for a surprise GTG at Club 1984.

The best way to describe Natalie’s Sweet 16 Red Carpet Masquerade Party is a kalidoscope of colours crashing into a celebration orchestrated by none other than the amazing Monique & Cesar with A Blissful Affair.  From the ceremony out on the lawn overlooking the pond and rolling hills to the red carpet entrance, candy bar, mariachi band and totally out of this world performances by the Bohemia Dance Company – Natalie’s Masquerade Party was everything a perfect event should be.

Plus!  I also had a great working encore with the pro trio of Paul, Ceff & Clyde from INSiTE Cinema – who hands down have got to be one of the best teams of videographers out there that I’ve had the honour of working with.

There’s a special shout out I want to give to my good friend Danny Mendoza who recently has moved to Spain doing what he loves; photography.  Danny was my 2nd cameraman and jokester for Natalie’s party and as to be expected – we both had a total blast working together.  This Christmas, we’re doing our best to GTG in Paris or London to do what we do best; nutrition debauchery with Nachos & Newcastles.  HeHeHe!  There might be some photography in there too.  LOL!!

So!  Before you check out some of my favourite photographs from Natalie’s Sweet 16 Red Carpet Masquerade Party at the at the Westridge Golf Club in La Habra and you’re thinking…  Hey – I’d really like to get to know this Newport Beach Wedding Photographer (Previously a Huntington Beach Wedding Photographer) that loves music & fashion, photography and art, feel free to contact me anytime.

I’m available just about 24/7 via TwitterFacebookGoogle+, the form on my contact page, or the old fashioned phone as well at 888.ESQ.PHTO (888.377.7486) or 562.225.5915.

I hope you had a great weekend and totally keep in touch for more gorgeous weddings and epic parties and events I’ve had the honour of photographing from San Diego to Ventura and even here in Newport Beach.  Next month, I’ll need to add Oakland as I’ll be heading up to Oakland for Angela’s wedding.  Which BTW will be an interesting weekend as I’m photographing three weddings that weekend in Oakland, San Diego & Ventura.  Can I say Wholly Nachos & Newcastles – that’s gonna be an awesome & epic weekend!

PS, If you’ve been keeping up with my Facebook and Twitter updates yesterday, then you more than likely saw some of the photos and artists that were performing at The Hollywood Bowl for A Decade of Difference: A Concert Celebrating 10 Years of the William J. Clinton Foundation.  There were absofreakinlutely ahhhhhhmaaayyyyyzeeeeeeng performances by Lady Gaga, Bono & The Edge from U2, Kenny Chesney, Usher & a LOT more!  I’ll have quite a few more to come – but totally check out my iPhone Gallery on Facebook.  I’ve got some fun photos in there and I was rockin’ my favourite jacket from SLS Distributors, where I’m a Staff Photographer and my new Tom Ford outrageously epic and totally huge sunglasses from a new business partner that I’m working with in Italy.  THAT is a great announcement coming very soon!

PSS, I also wanted to add that I’m a HUGE fan of the Clinton Foundation.  In today’s global society – it’s no longer a race, religion or political issue, but a human issue dealing with the challenges we face across the planet.  That’s my simple take on it, but a more elaborate explanation about the Clinton Foundation is this:  To alleviate poverty, improve global health, strengthen economies, and protect the environment by fostering partnerships among governments, businesses, nongovernmental organizations, and private citizens to turn good intentions into measurable results.  They’re DEFINITELY helping keep the Butterfly Effect alive & thriving!

Last PS, Yahoo was the official sponsor are are sharing the concert online.  Totally check out by clicking this LINK.  Enjoy!

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