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Good evening from Huntington Beach everyone!  I’m back at EPHQ in Orange County after having an awesome day being a camera operator at Church in Cypress & then a new baby/family portrait shoot for a return client; Cara at their home in Huntington Beach.  You might remember Cara from her Trash The Dress Shoot I did with her and her husband; Eric back in 2008 at my secret spot somewhere in Southern California.  So imagine my excitement and how flattered I was when I received the email from Cara asking me to be her family photographer.  What an honour!

Soooooo… what was it that I was going to share with you??  Hmmm…  Ohhhh yeahhh… Shelby & Matt’s wedding that is featured on WeTV‘s “My Fair Wedding” with David Tutera.  You’ve been patiently waiting to see it, I’ve been dying to share it with you & today I can finally drop it on the website for you.

I’ve been asked a gajillion times over & over again by everyone about the photos, where was the wedding at, what did Shelby wear, what was it like, what was David Tutera like, and so much more for the past several months.  Let me tell you that it has been driving me bonkers in Huntington Beach because I was sworn to secrecy by WeTV that I couldn’t post or divulge any bits & pieces of Shelby & Matt’s wedding.

You might remember Shelby Matt from their 12 Hour Engagement Shoot that I did with them all over Southern California (Or maybe you saw her Wedding Tip Of The Week too).  From Disneyland to Disney’s California Adventure and San Diego Wild Animal Park – their 12 Hour Engagement Shoot was not only taken to the “HNL”, but it was the definition of the word; Epic.

Shelby & I go back a bit too.  We first met when I was shooting an event for my client; Kathy Miller from Activities So Cal at The White House Event Center in Anaheim.  Before I even knew she was engaged or planning her wedding, I totally loved working with her.  Probably because we’re of similar personality.  Totally love being in control, all about the details and abhor mediocrity.

Later that same night when Shelby told me that she was engaged to Matt, I jokingly told her that I knew exactly who her wedding photographer was going to be (Hee Hee Hee!) and she said we should definitely chat.

A couple weeks later Shelby rang me up late one night while I was in post production & wanted to know if I was available for an impromptu consultation at her mom’s home.  I know that when opportunity presents itself, one should hop-to & I swiftly packed up Rio and flew out the door.  Shelby, Matt and Shelby’s mom was there & before you knew it – more three hours had passed as we mapped out how her photography would be – from the 12 hour Engagement Shoot to her wedding day.

Fast forward and while we’re shooting her Engagement Shoot, the topic of wedding programs came up & Shelby & I both raved about how much we loved them and especially David Tutera’s “My Fair Wedding” on WeTV.  We all agreed how amazing it would be if her wedding got picked up by the program.

Well… Shelby is like me.  Once an idea is planted in our heads, we have no choice but to run with it.  There is no “maybe” or “try” for the two of us.  We either do it or we don’t.

So… time passes and a few weeks after their 12 Hour Engagement Shoot, I receive a call from Shelby that she submitted her written story to WeTV for David Tutera’s “My Fair Wedding” and what do ya know – it was in-line for consideration.  The only thing that was needed now was a video of Shelby & Matt sharing their story, wedding details & all the other fun tid-bits that would hopefully secure their wedding on My Fair Wedding.

By then, I thought of Shelby & Matt as more than just wedding client 579 and more like friends and provided my services to them for free as an early wedding gift.  I shot the entire video on my iPhone and edited in iMovie – which was awesome as the video editing was a snap.  The tough part about their video was it had to be no longer than 10 minutes.  Which seemed nearly impossible because because there was so much we wanted to share and include.  But the Final Video that was submitted to WeTV was 9 minutes & 59 seconds – totally perfect.

A couple weeks passes, some emails & calls are made back & forth with Shelby & the professionals at WeTV and their wedding was accepted.  When I received the call from Shelby that her wedding was accepted, I nearly fell out of my chair!  I was so excited as I had photographed Kim & Ken’s Catalina Wedding on Platinum Weddings back in September 2008 and now I’ll be photographing Shelby & Matt’s wedding on My Fair Wedding too.  Who knew that me doing a simple iPhone video for free as a gift for Shelby & Matt would seal the deal & get them on TV. What an honour!

Shelby & Matt’s wedding day was completely amazing!  Toasts, tears, diamonds and dancing – from the beginning of the wedding day to the last dance, David Tutera made sure that everything for their wedding day was impeccable.  I will just have to go out on a ledge and say that David Tutera is quite literally a master craftsman at wedding planning.  Also, if you’re not familiar with it, check out his book; “The Big White Book of Weddings.”  It is probably one of the best (if not the best) books out today to help you plan and design the wedding of your dreams.

There are so many people, companies and services that were involved in making Shelby & Matt’s wedding – a wedding of their dreams.  Check out this veritable cornucopia of amazing talent:

I also want to give an UBER-HUGE-JUMBO-GINOURMOUS Shout Out to my awesome friend, photographer & wingwoman; Ms. Christine Bentley.  Christine was instrumental and absolutely amazing working with me, ensuring that we didn’t miss a beat with anything.  When I was at one location covering specific shots at one of the gazillion spots at Rancho Las Lomas, Christine was capturing shots at another.  Rancho Las Lomas is one of the larger properties in Southern California that requires more than one photographer for a wedding.

Before you check out Shelby & Matt’s Silverado Wedding at Rancho Las Lomas – down by San Diego and you’re thinking to yourself…  Hey – I’d really like to get to know this Huntington Beach Wedding Photographer in Orange County loves to capture romantic portraits, timeless moments and wedding details, then feel free to get in touch with me anytime.

I’m available just about 24/7 via TwitterFacebook, the form on my contact page, or the old fashioned phone as well at 888.ESQ.PHTO (888.377.7486) or 562.225.5915.

So without further ado, below is Shelby & Matt’s wedding that is featured on WeTV’sMy Fair Wedding” with David Tutera in a beautiful slide show that I put together.  If you’re interested in delicious professional prints, I’ll have their wedding photography available on Pictage too.  I hope you’re having a great weekend and enjoy – cheers!

PS, If you missed the latest episode of my online “TV” program; “How To Make The Most Out Of Your Wedding Day that dropped on Monday, it was with Gina Ludwig from Hair Comes The Bride – who not only was amazing to work with at Shelby & Matt’s wedding, but an all around top-shelf/red-carpet/white glove service minded professional.  Totally check it out – she’s got some great insight on how to save some time, some money & your sanity while planning your wedding.

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  • Christine Bentley - David, you were awesome in getting them entered! You worked very hard that day and got amazing images! I love the slideshow! It was a challenging day, dodging film crew etc….but you fantastically captured their day, in fact who would know from your pictures, the amazing angles, that camera crew were amongst you! Like a ninja! You did an amazing job! XXOO

  • David Esquire - Thank you so much for the comment Christine! It was an honour to have you work by my side and I couldn’t imagine the day being any more amazing. I’m looking forward to us working together more in the future and who knows – maybe with crew members for another program on WeTV! XOXOXOXOXO RBA!!! :-)

  • Shelby ikeda - Thanks for the amazing opportunity you gave me and so much more. Words cannot express how Happy I am to have such an amazing person like David Esquire in my life. I have learned so much through this process from both the Davids in my life; David Tutera and of course David Esquire!!!! I love you :)

  • David Esquire - Thank you very much for the note Shelby! It’s been an honour serving you and your family. Then for a video that I did for you to secure getting your wedding on WeTV is just absolutely nothing short of amazing. I’m excited to see all the future memories we’ll be sharing over the years and looking back on the experience of your wedding being on TV as one of those highlights in our lives. :-)

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