I’m One Newport Beach Wedding Photographer Honoured To Photograph Kiki & Gabe’s Destination Wedding In Mexico At Barceló Los Cabos Palace Deluxe

Newport Beach Destination Wedding PhotographerGood afternoon from EPHQ everyone!  As I’m sure you’ve seen on Twitter & Facebook the past several weeks have had me traveling around the world being a destination wedding photographer in both Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and in Mirow, Germany.

Not only that, but I’ve been quite busy as I was hired as a 2nd Unit Director & Still Photographer for the film; “Pepper“, Director of Photography for the film: “Game of Shakes” AND more recently – being chosen as a Google #GlassExplorer and landing two new sponsors that I’m about to share with you soon. WHEW HEW!

Ok – Now to the epic story I have to share with you from Kiki & Gabe’s destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico at the Barceló Los Cabos Palace Deluxe.

I first had the honour of meeting Kiki at Anna & Lee’s Destination Wedding at The Firestone Vineyard in Los Olivos, California (which was eventually Published Around The World twice with the PPA!) and from there – we both kept in touch over the years.  So when she reached out to me about photographing her destination wedding in Mexico – I immediately gave her a resounding yes.  What an honour!

One of the really awesome things about working with Kiki & Gabe on their wedding was how detailed they were.  Seriously!  She is the poster bride for other ladies getting married when it comes to making sure all the details are handled AND utilized social media to it’s fullest extent bringing everyone together in a private group on Facebook where everyone could chat & get to know each other a little better.  Which was MEGA cool because by the time I got to Mexico & started meeting Kiki & Gabe’s friends & family, I felt like I already knew them and they knew me.  Talk about creating an even more fun & awesome experience for everyone!

Their wedding experience two weeks ago was everything that a destination wedding should be!  There was the gorgeous all-inclusive location that had everything you would ever want at a resort from several pools, fitness, gardens, an adult pool, swim up bars, a private beach, horse back riding on the beach and so much more. Definitely a destination location that will treat you like royalty!

Kiki & Gabe also had several events planed for everyone too.  There was a traditional rehearsal for the wedding that was followed up the entire group of more than 70 people taking over various restaurants for our rehearsal dinners for delicious Italian, sushi and more.  After the rehearsal dinner was well… how shall I say… the non-stop celebrating began – starting at the world famous & totally epic Martini Bar.  Which by the way has the best & most delicious totally MEGA chocolate martinis.  Wholly Nachos & Newcastles they were good!  Once we closed out the Martini Bar – we headed to the next lounge to keep the festivities happening through the night where there was dancing, toasting with us shouting; “PROST!” and of course bad ass roller derby MEGA athlete; T-Bone photo bombing with her awesomeness.

The next day was the wedding and what a wedding day it was!  I met up with Kiki & Gabe at their suite where they were getting ready.  They opted for a more intimate gathering in their suite too where it was just Kiki, Gabe & her attendants, which was probably the best situation as everyone was able to relax & not have 2 dozen people shoe-horned into small hotel room.  Plus it gave me an opportunity to move around capturing a terrific collection of candid portraits, their accouterments, and even a little champagne toast too.

From there we headed down to the wedding site where Kiki & Gabe opted to do their formal portraits with their family & bridal party allowing a little more relaxed time after their wedding ceremony (that was filled with tears of joy and plenty of laughter) for me to capture my signature Vogue’esque bridal party portrait and my signature romantic portraits with Kiki & Gabe before the reception.

When we arrived at the reception in the private adult pool area surrounded by palm trees, a crystal clear pool and a sunset that had more colours than Disneyland – all their guests were excited to get the festivities started with a delicious dinner, drinks and dancing.  Speaking of dinner – I was honoured with a seat at a table and since pretty much everyone at the table knew about me & how I charge non-stop on a wedding day, they had a bet that I wouldn’t sit down to take a bite of my dinner. Which explained why a few of them were so very (and I mean VERY) eager for me to sit down & have just a bite of my lettuce in my salad.  LOL!!!!

Kiki’s MOH; Kristin’s husband; Bob (aka: “Slippers!” AND who is an awesome professional DJ) was a guest speaker a few times introducing the couples married the longest and even had a hand instigating one of the most EPIC events I captured at a wedding EEEEEEVERRRRR!!!

From the night filled with dancing, delicious dinner, toasting to “PROST!” and a totally incredible group photo with their wedding cake & the midnight blue/twilight sky in the background – Kiki & Gabe’s destination wedding was one that I will always cherish forever.

Oh… Back to that little thing Bob had a hand in instigating.  Well… let’s just say Kiki & Gabe along with about 2 dozen of their friends & family took the definition of Trash The Dress to a “HO NUTHA LEVEH!”  They all joined hands & jumped into the pool to cool off at the end of the reception to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin!” blasting top volume while other hotel guests were gathered around on balcony cheering for them.  The hotel’s lifeguard even showed up to make sure everyone was safe.  But I think he just wanted to be included in a photo.  Hehehe!

ALSO!!  I want to give a MEGA shout out to Ms. Mireya Amador, Wedding Coordinator at the Barceló Los Cabos Palace Deluxe.  She and her army of awesome professionals were absolutely incredible insuring Kiki & Gabe had a totally perfect wedding experience.  She was awesome helping Kiki & Gabe arrange for more than 70 of their closest friends & family to stay there along with making the wedding site picture perfect and the reception more fun than anyone could ever dream of.  If you’re ever thinking of having a destination wedding in Mexico – definitely contact her and she’ll make your dreams come true!

Whew!  I know that is quite a story to share and that’s just the tip of the iceberg too.  There’s literally so many more events & memories that happened during their destination wedding in Mexico that words could never do justice.  So what did I do to share it with you?  What I do best & compile an absolutely incredible collection of memories in MORE THAN 3,500 photographs for Kiki & Gabe.  WHEW HEW!!!!

Before you scroll down to check out my some of my favourite photographs from Kiki & Gabe’s destination wedding at the Barceló Los Cabos Palace Deluxe and you’re thinking you’d like to chat about your destination wedding or a local wedding, totally comment below or contact me anytime day or night.  I’m available just about 24/7 via TwitterFacebookGoogle+, the form on my contact page, or the old fashioned phone as well at 888.ESQ.PHTO (888.377.7486) or 562.225.5915.

I hope you had a great weekend AND STAY TUNED for Christin & Christoph’s wedding in Mirow, Germany (who you may remember from their totally romantic Portrait Shoot I photographed for them in Berlin).

UBER PS!  Be sure to select 720 dpi for the video setting so you can enjoy the crisp photos and rich colours.

PSS, I even had the opportunity to go on a mini safari in old town Cabo so be sure to check out the photos I shared on my Facebook Fan Page.

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