Pam And Eric’s Minneapolis Wedding Was Photographed, Filmed AND Livestreamed On Facebook All At The Same Time!

Facebook Livestream Minneapolis Minnesota Wedding Photographer Rode Mic BeastgripHello from Esquire Photography HQ and have I got a totally fun, romantic and ANOTHER GROUND BREAKING wedding to share with you.

As we are experiencing on this journey together – taking Esquire Photography around the world photographing, teaching and filming from the USA to Europe, Costa Rica & Mexico, Asia & India, we are also pushing the limits and boundaries in photography.  Well…

Things are continuing to get more and more amazing!

From the most recent awesome destination wedding ENTIRELY filmed AND #shotoniphone simultaneously for Vickie and Travis, to the EPIC movie: “The Perfect Life” ALSO filmed entirely on an iPhone and Nokia 808 Pureview AND featuring music by Moby the 1st of three commercials (LINK) I’ve done for TEK Products  in Minneapolis, Minnesota entirely #shotoniphone.

Now!  I’m honoured to share with you I’ve set the bar higher with another ground breaking wedding for Pam & Eric.  They have the WORLD’S FIRST wedding that was photographed AND Facebook Livestreamed SIMULTANEOUSLY!

Yup!  Their entire wedding was not only photographed, but Livestreamed on Facebook at the same time!

Last year, Kristine needed to have a new, monstrously powerful and Duran Rex strength computer to kick butt in her recording studio.  Through what seemed like a futile attempt of finding a quality company or person who can do that for her, she ran across PC Bits headed up by Dean Hancy and his son: Eric.  I can definitely share Kristine won the technology lottery with Dean & Eric!

Fast forward a bit and through the process of Kristine having her custom built, MEGA computer hand-crafted by Eric, he got engaged Pam and during our visits, the question came up: “Hey, do you know a guy with a camera?”

Hmm…  I dunno.  Let me check my address book.  LOL!

Fast forward again and after getting to know Pam & Eric more, then having a totally MEGA consultation and bubble teas at Tii Cup, (we closed the place BTW!), they invited me to capture their wedding day AND we rocked not only one but TWO romantic and sexy Engagement Photo Shoots!

I could continue to write about the fun we had on their wedding day, but it’s not even close to what you’re about to watch in their films below.

I would like to acknowledge some incredible companies that helped make their wedding a HUGE success!

I shared a special video with a message to the several people who helped make Pam & Eric’s wedding day a success on my Facebook Page.  Like the old adage states: “A rising tide lifts all ships.”

So!  Before you scroll down to enjoy the WORLD’S FIRST wedding photographed AND shared on Facebook Livestream at the same time and would like to chat with me about your wedding or event, feel free to contact me anytime day or night.  I’m available just about 24/7 via TwitterFacebookGoogle+, the form on my contact page, or the old fashioned phone as well at 888.ESQ.PHTO (888.377.7486) or 562.225.5915.

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And remember…

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